Russian writer Zahar Prilepin about the Serbian edition of the biographical book “Yesenin”

Russian writer Zahar Prilepin about the Serbian edition of the biographical book “Yesenin”
Russian writer Zahar Prilepin about the Serbian edition of the biographical book “Yesenin”

BECAUSE I am on 14 sanction lists (an absolute record in Russian literature), my books translated into foreign languages ​​in Europe are published only in the most independent (notorious) countries.

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Well, that’s Serbia, for example. For now, there are no other free states in Europe. The Serbian translation of my book “Jesenjin. The Promised Meeting” has just been published. If you haven’t read it in Russian yet, you really missed something important about Yesenin. When you read it, you will admit it yourself.

Famous Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin spoke with these words, reacting to the news that his capital biography of the great poet Sergei Yesenin was published in Serbia, published by the “Official Gazette”, on 850 pages, as a result of the translation effort of Radmila Mečanin. Prilepin posted several photos of our edition on his blog along with the above text.

In Russia, the book “Yesenin. A Promising Meeting” appeared in 2020, 30,000 copies were sold out very quickly, and a second edition was published.

– Prilepin spent his whole life collecting everything related to the life of his favorite writers – revealed Radmila Mečanin, describing, for “Novosti”, the work on the translation of this capital work and added: – He found 600 completely unknown artifacts about Yesenin, among which and 20 photographs, and donated them all to the Sergei Yesenin Museum, which he himself restored and opened. This was preceded by a difficult struggle with the oligarchs who occupied Yesenin’s foster home Konstantinov, he turned to the president of the Russian Federation for help, and then founded a movement to preserve the heritage of famous people throughout the country.

Biography as a genre, according to her, has a centuries-old tradition in Russia, it implies serious research work, data verification, scientific apparatus, knowledge of every detail of life, literature. Respecting the chronology, Prilepin takes us from the day when the parents took the great poet’s future mother out of the locked basement (she loved another, an arranged marriage) and took her to the altar, early pilgrimages with her grandmother to monasteries, through school letters and the first verses…

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The article is in Serbian

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