After 27 years, the collapse of the marriage followed

Milena Kačavenda, Ana Ćurčić’s godmother, is in the front lines of defending her friend, who entered the reality show “Zadruga” after her unmarried husband Zvezdan Slavnić cheated on her with Anđela Đuričić, 22 years her junior.



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Milena Kachavenda

Milena drew the public’s attention to herself with her public appearances, so many were interested in the details of her private life.

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Milena also spoke about her ex-husband and the reason for their separation.

– I met my wife in my nineties, it was love at first sight. He is one of the tough guys closely associated with the Voždovac clan, and all I have to say on that topic is that a surname from my youth will follow him to this day, as it follows me, after the collapse of a 27-year-old marriage. We had a great marriage and a wonderful relationship with a lot of love, formed our family and the marriage broke down, we parted as friends, gave birth to two wonderful children and basically the marriage broke down because, I think, I somehow got too fed up that life, and those people do not give up their way of life easily, not to say that I have overcome it.

Ana Kachevanda with her ex-husband

Photo: milenaacademy / Instagram

Ana Kachevanda with her ex-husband

Milena revealed whether she, like her godmother Ana Ćurčić, once suffered some form of violence.

– Although I lived with a violent guy and socialized with many people, I never experienced violence. Never, my husband was an opponent and a great protector of women, an opponent of violence, if anyone suffered violence, then it was him in my case, because of my noise when I go crazy.

Kachavenda also revealed whether she still believes in love after the collapse of her own marriage.

– Here it is, my marriage was my personal big disappointment, when it ended because I was building something for 27 years, then you know when someone knocks down your snowman, then you wonder where I was, what I was doing and the like. I went through a psychological crisis, after the breakup of my family, I was left to live alone with my children. However, time passed, I got sick, divorce is said to be a small death, which I can sign with my blood. What can I say about that, do I believe in love, yes I believe in love, I believe that anyone who does not live in a quality marriage has the right to look for someone who will love and support them. It is not easy to find a partner, but it is difficult to find a partner with whom you will be happy. I sincerely believe in love. I am a living example of that, that it is possible. And when I look at Ana’s example, I am sure that she will find a partner who will hug her in his arms and make up for all that she missed as a woman powerless to get out of the abuser’s arms.

And how much money Milena Kačavenda plans to take from Zvezdan Slavnić in court can be read in a separate text.

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