Hurricanes publicly teased Luke Black: “We didn’t understand him at all”

The singers from the group “Hurricane” were guests in one of the shows on Red TV and called out Luke Black, the winner of this year’s “Eurovision Song”.



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Photo: Snezana Krstić, Oliver Bunić / Ringier


At the mention of Luke Black, the representative of Serbia, the three members of the “Hurricane” group first laughed, and then took the opportunity to praise his dancers.

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Luke Black

Photo: RTS / screenshot

Luke Black

As they pointed out, they did not understand the text Luke was saying:

– I didn’t understand anything about him, when I got home I turned on the translator – said one of them while the other singers laughed, then continued:

– The first day when the song was published, there was no translation, and apparently they put it later because it was necessary. All I heard her singing was “grrrmy” and “I’m just sleepy”, but the choreography is good, the dancers killed it – they finished.

Let’s remind you, at the “Eurovision Song” festival, the members of the group “Hurricane” received only one point.

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