The godmother revealed that Ana left her ex-husband for Zvezdan

After the drama, Slavnić also cried, which Kačavenda considers his manipulation.

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ZVEZDAN SLAVNIĆ WAS REMOVED FROM THE “COOPERATIVE”: After a brutal confrontation with Ana, he left the property, the networks were abuzz: “Don’t bring him back”

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Zvezdan and Ana

– No, it’s not sincere repentance, it’s manipulation, as he’s been doing so far when it comes to Ana. I would call it that, he turned off the faucet, but literally.

Zvezdan also stated that Ćurčićka cheated on every ex-boyfriend with him.

-Yeah, right. I’m looking for insulting words, but I can’t find them. He is a manipulative liar, maybe the worst I have ever seen in my life. Now I would ask him his famous question, what have you been doing with her for so many years when she is a psychiatric case, a pill addict, a gambler? Until now he asked, and now I would ask, what have you been doing with that woman for so many years? He lies and does not think of God. Even Anna forgets, and I know very well. Ana was with Aca 30 years ago, and with Zvezdana for the last 15. If it was the other way around, it would be okay if Zvezdana cheated with Aca, so let’s say it’s possible, but for Aca with Zvezdana, that story is beyond the brain and insane. It is crazy and out of mind. They were young and the idea was that when they had a child they would get married because she was then in her nineteen years, but I guess because of the madness she was in at the moment she didn’t even realize that it was 30 years ago. Zvezdan wasn’t even on the map then.

Kačavenda commented on Zvezdan Slavnić’s claims that Ana cheated on her ex-husband with him for a year.

Cooperative 6, Ana Ćurčić, Zvezdan Slavnić

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Cooperative 6, Ana Ćurčić, Zvezdan Slavnić

– That is a notorious lie because I was a very intense part of her life during that period. I am a witness and another friend of all this, it is a notorious lie. Ana was such a lady that she sat down with her husband and told him honestly what was happening because she had seen Zvezdan on a couple of occasions, but it was over coffee. He bumped into her from all sides because they have known each other for a long time, to the extent that she became intrigued and began to fall in love. I am sorry that her ex-husband does not want to advertise publicly. Today he is married, he has a small child and these are the reasons, and at the same time he takes care of their two children. He is very exclusive that he doesn’t want to go out in the media, but I believe that when she comes out, he will appear in the media with her and deny it all because he is one great guy. He and Ana still have a phenomenal relationship to this day, while Ana came to her husband and said: “I’ve fallen in love, I want to leave you.” After all that, Ana moved out of the apartment, and the children stayed with Saleta, she didn’t ask for anything, and later she and Sale solved everything on the fly as people. He is a wonderful ex-husband that every woman would want, especially because Anna told him to his face that she fell in love, even with whom, which we don’t often see today. She sat down and was a lady, all of us close people know that very well – Milena also revealed how Ana’s children are coping with this whole situation:

– Ana’s children bear this terribly, they are at my house every other day whether for lunch, coffee or with my children. They take it very hard, but now they’ve gotten used to it a bit because I deal with it a lot, their dad is there for everything they need, but I’m a woman and the closest to them. Somehow they get used to it. I explain to them that it was Ana’s choice and that this must pass and that if this is the price to leave him for centuries and centuries to adapt and accept. They are essentially fine, they don’t follow reality shows, but on the other hand, it is difficult for them to watch and hear from friends, other children and close people. It is not easy for them to hear that it is falling apart, but they are really brave.


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Zvezdan and Anna agreed to talk privately on Sunday.

– From that conversation, I expect that nothing will come of that business. Unfortunately, Ana is still in the vortex of manipulation and I know what fear she has of him. She tries to put him down and calm him down, she can hardly stand the statements he makes, she is worried about the children and the family. She wants to calm this down because he hit her where it hurts the most, which is family. Ana is very attached to her children, mother and sister who are not in the media, and I am in contact with them every day. I believe she is doing this to stop him and those closest to her would not listen to it. There’s nothing wrong with the agreement, I expect that he’ll stick around like he did so far if she says things that don’t suit him, and it suits him to keep quiet – said Milena Kachavenda for “”.

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