How the presenter looked in another state (PHOTO)

How the presenter looked in another state (PHOTO)
How the presenter looked in another state (PHOTO)

Pregnant Jovana Joksimović decided to fully enjoy the most beautiful period of her life, and for that reason we saw her less in public.

Nevertheless, the cameras recorded how the wife of Željko Joksimović looked in a different state, and in the foreground is certainly her pregnant belly, which she failed to hide with her wardrobe.

Since pregnant Jovana Joksimović was photographed a few days before giving birth, while she was carrying twins Srna and Ana, it is not surprising that the presenter had a huge belly, and it would be said that she was also a very active pregnant woman who did not find anything difficult during that period.

Namely, she came to support her husband at a performance and for that occasion she wore a light summer dress with exposed shoulders, and the fact that she only wore outfits in which she felt most comfortable is also shown by her choice of footwear.

Pregnant Jovana Joksimović replaced the high heels that she usually adores with comfortable flip-flops, and a different hair color is also noticeable – she dyed the red locks a bit lighter.

The sun in her hair and Jovana’s bright smile speak for themselves how much she enjoyed her pregnancy, and she also received compliments on her figure, since she did not gain much weight.


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