THEY JUMPED OFF BRIDGES, HANGED THEMSELVES, AND HIS BODY WAS NEVER FOUND! The nation shook for days because of these terrible TRAGEDIES: Celebrities who took their own lives in the MOST CREEPY way! (PHOTO)


The day before yesterday, Serbia was shaken by the news that YouTuber Mirko Rašić, known as “Unauthorized serviceman” committed suicide in Surčin. It was just one of a series of cases of self-inflicted suicide among our public figures.

Years ago, there were cases that deeply shook the nation, some of which are still mentioned today.

Next to Mirko Rašić a famous writer was among the famous suicides Branko Ćopić, actor Bekim Fehmiu, actor Bojan Lazarov, singer Dušan Kostić, model Filip Kapisoda.

Branko Ćopić he committed suicide on March 25, 1984 by jumping from the Sava Bridge, and in the message he left to his wife he wrote: “Goodbye beautiful and terrible life!”. He left behind more than 50 short stories, short stories, novels and poems and is one of the most widely read and prolific writers in this area. Although his works exuded satire, he was blacklisted by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, which he fought until his unfortunate death.

Photo: Kragujević

He was born in the town of Hasani in Bosanska Krajina, where he also finished elementary school. He attended teacher training school in Banja Luka, Delnice and Sarajevo, and finally graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, majoring in pedagogy. Writing was his great love, so during all the years of his work he was engaged in writing. His works have been pardoned over the years, and children of the writer today read them both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia, and his birth house was renovated as part of the construction of the “Mallow Garden” memorial area. The monument that this writer left to children and adults while writing his works it can collapse and today, apart from reading, his works are performed in children’s theaters all over the former Yugoslavia. He was a member of the Academy of Sciences in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. After his death, he donated his apartment in Belgrade to SANA.

Bekim Fehmiu was a Serbian and Yugoslav film, television and theater actor of Albanian origin.

Photo: Printscreen YouTube/ Stevan Wagner

“I, Bekim, which means blessing, am the last of the male children. I have a big and almost always cropped head… Everyone loves me and is always happy to see me, they give me money to buy ice cream or salep…” (Bright and terrible, 2001. World famous, film and theater actor, was born on June 1, 1936 in Sarajevo. He was the first Eastern European actor to play in front of Hollywood cameras and one of the best actors that Yugoslav cinematography had. He shot over fifty films in which he played mostly leading roles. He was married to a colleague, actress Branka Petrić, with whom he had two sons. Hedon and Ulysses. On June 15, 2010, he committed suicide in his apartment in Belgrade, shooting himself in the head. He worked out the suicide plan in detail, he shot himself in the temple in the living room, wrapping the gun in a sheet so that the echo of the shot would be as quietly as possible so that the blood does not splash the walls. He was found dead with a gun in his hand on a red ottoman, so no blood could be seen. Before deciding to take his own life, he left a farewell letter to his wife in which he apologizes for having to do such a terrible thing. – It was a complete stage of death. That ottoman in his study is red, burgundy, so I didn’t see any blood. He brought a pillow and a watch that I always wear now and a farewell letter. A fully rounded act. Pure aesthetics. When we went for identification, Ulysses said: “How handsome dad is.” And Hedon helped the paramedic and carried his beloved dad on his back – famous actress Branka Petrić, wife of the late actor, once told. According to his own wish, he was sent off with the sounds of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and his wife and children scattered his ashes in Bistrica, trampling together in cold water.

Dusan Kostić, folk music singer and author of the famous hit “Save the secret of my love”, committed suicide on May 13, 1996 by jumping into the Danube from the Pancevac bridge, and the body was never found. The singer was seen jumping over the fence of the Pancevac bridge, between pillars 39 and 41. Duško’s purse with personal documents was found at the scene of the accident. As he sang in his big hit “Save the secret of my love”, he also took his own with him. The only eyewitness to the jump from the bridge was a ŽTP employee, who told the police that he was still not sure that the man who committed that day the suicide was actually a singer. Kostić’s body was not found for years and that was enough reason to start the town’s stories. According to one version, Duško was killed, and his suicide was staged to cover up the crime. There were also those who believed that the singer was depressed when he killed himself because he could not regain his fame. The third version, on the other hand, is certainly the strangest. Duško staged his own suicide, after which he fled abroad due to huge debts.

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One of the most tragic love stories, which still shakes the domestic public today, is the fatal relationship of a model Philip Capisoda and singers Ksenija Paichin. Filip was shot with a pistol on March 16, 2010. killed his girlfriend Ksenia, and then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The bodies of the unfortunate young people were found by the singer’s mother in her apartment in Voždovac. Various stories circulated about the motive for the murder, but pathological jealousy was the crucial factor in this case. The two of them broke up immediately before the tragedy, and they reconciled only the evening before the murder, and the neighbors then discovered that the police had to intervene on a couple of occasions because of their frequent quarrels. in July 2008. They met on the sea in Montenegro and immediately fell in love. The turning point happened when Filip wanted to enter reality TV. Xenia dissuaded him with all her might. She could not even imagine that they would be separated for a month, and she also believed that it was not good for him to participate in such a show program. The line between love and hate became thin then. They began to plot through the media and insult each other. That, despite the declarations, they still love each other, they confided only to close friends. They reconciled in December 2009 and soon began to live together in her apartment. Ksenia was full of life, cheerful and liked to be complimented, on the other hand Philip became depressed and often used to say “If Ksenia leave it, I’ll kill myself”. Unfortunately, both ended their lives very young, Kapisoda was buried in his native Cetinje, while Ksenija’s eternal residence is at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.


Actor Bojan Lazarov, died at the age of 51, he took his own life by jumping from the Ada bridge on April 9. 2022. As the media reported, passers-by found his abandoned car on the Ada bridge in the early hours of the morning, on which a message was stuck on the windshield, after which they alerted the police. Everything happened around five o’clock in the morning, then passers-by noticed that there is a gray “Opel” on the Ada bridge with all four blinkers on. Considering that this is an unusual phenomenon, people stopped because they thought that the driver needed help. This actor was remembered for his roles in “Klopka”, “Belgrade Phantom”, “The Smell of Rain in the Balkans”, “Truth and Lies”. , “Secrets of the Vine”, “Red Moon”, “Weekend with the Chalet”. The life of this actor was marked by a struggle against a serious illness. He suffered from depression for years, and before the fatal outcome, he had already tried to take his own life once. However, the doctors managed to save him. He is survived by two children, which he had from a marriage that ended in divorce.

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Famous YouTuber Mirko Rašić – The “unauthorized repairer” of the switch was found dead in the hall where he worked in Surčin. As stated in the media, the cause of death was hanging, the unfortunate man hanged himself from a metal structure in the hall. By the way, Mirko had his own YouTube channel where he presented his knowledge about cars, and he is a car mechanic by profession. He had his own service in New Belgrade, which he opened at the age of 27, because after graduating from college he still decided to return to mechanics. Many famous personalities from the world of entertainment and sports knew Mirko and sent him a final farewell on social networks. Mirko was engaged to Marijana, whom he was supposed to marry in September, but tragic circumstances prevented that from happening. Why he raised his hand is not known.

Photo: Printscreen YouTube/Mirko Rasic

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