Mel Gibson brother mad at him | Entertainment

Mel Gibson brother mad at him | Entertainment
Mel Gibson brother mad at him | Entertainment

Mel Gibson has not spoken to his youngest brother for years, who points out that he avoids family gatherings because of the actor’s angry outbursts.

The oldest bart in the Gibson family, Mel, became a famous actor, and his youngest bart Donal also tried his hand in this world. The two brothers were very close, they even starred together in one of the biggest Oscar hits, the movie “Braveheart” which entered Mel into the movie encyclopedias. There were no problems, the brothers loved and supported each other, and then the next movie quarreled them and brought them from love to hate.

This was followed by their new joint project, the movie “The Passion”, directed by Mel Gibson, which follows the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life. Although it was highly anticipated, the film was declared violent. Despite numerous criticisms, the project earned $612 million, and the brothers earned $425 million. Given that it was directed by the elder Gibson, there is no doubt that most of the money went to him.

“He was my older brother, my best friend. There was no jealousy, I was happy because he became famous. However, it changed him, he started to believe what was said and written about him. The Mel I knew simply disappeared.” , said Donal, adding: “Hollywood ate it, chewed it up and spat it out. Fame and money brainwashed him and he became a monster. I hate him for what he has become“.

“I didn’t expect him to support me, but before ‘Passion’ I worked regularly on film projects, and then when Mel was called anti-Semitism, people thought that I also hated Jews because I was his brother and they wrote me off forever,” said the younger brother. .

Mel Gibson, who struggled with alcohol addiction for years, was stopped by the police while driving drunk in 2006. The actor then insulted them and made a series of anti-Semitic remarks – “I was drunk and angry. I was filmed, illegally, by a policeman, and if I was really guilty of what I am accused of, I would certainly have been caught repeatedly insulting Jews. This is how I whole lives and careers are judged by that one incident after eight double tequila shots,” said Mel Gibson, adding, “It’s not fair.”

Due to the numerous insults he uttered, his career never recovered, and Donald felt it too – “Severy time Mel asked for money he would get very angry. He yelled at me that I couldn’t blame him for my unhappiness, and I started avoiding family gatherings because of his angry outbursts. I remember one time he was mad as a dog because when we were in Las Vegas he couldn’t get the presidential suite at the hotel. Celine Dion booked him first, and he was pissed all night about it,” Donal recalled.

For five years, Mel and Donal didn’t speak a word, even though they were once a happy family. Mel is the eldest of four children of Hooton, a railway worker and housewife Anna, and Donald is the youngest – “We were poor as church mice and often hungry, but we loved each other madly. I still love him, but I don’t know who he is or what he has become. I want him to right the wrongs he did to me. I want us to live in peace,” concludes the younger Gibson.

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