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Singer Dua Lipa recently attended the 2023 Variety Awards, where she showed off an incredible look transformation.

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Sunday, 19.11.2023. | 09:20

Photo: Profimedia

Awards are given to women from various spheres of art who have improved the community with their work.

One of those present at this event was Dua Lipak, who showed a drastic transformation of her appearance. More precisely, the British singer of Albanian roots showed off a new hairstyle, or, as you can see from the photos, she joined the fire brigade.

She replaced her dark locks with a bright red color, and to emphasize that change, Lipa chose a red toilet for the award ceremony, which perfectly suits her new image.

She completed the entire edition with a simple mink in the so-called they “offer” tones and a small purse.

Photo: Profimedia

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