Vesna Zmijanac’s daughter regretted cosmetic corrections


Vesna Zmijanac’s daughter regretted cosmetic corrections

Singer Nikolija Jovanovic she never hid that her appearance was not entirely taken care of by mother nature, and that something was the work of a plastic surgeon. Daughter of Vesna Zmijanac at the beginning of her career she looked different compared to today after a series of aesthetic interventions. In one of her videos on TikTok, the singer openly talked about all the corrections she made on your body and faceand he regrets one in particular.

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Vesna Zmijanac’s daughter regrets cosmetic corrections

When it comes to corrections, Nikolija said that she regrets the silicone in her breasts, and she did it because had complexes. She said if she could turn back time she would never have had silicone implanted.

“The first thing I did was the breasts. I had a complex, I was flat as a board. In my twenties, the surgery helped me feel good about my body, but now in my thirties, if I could go back in time, I would never have had silicone implanted. Don’t tell me I can change it now, that would require a lot of scarring” – said Nikolija.

Then she said that she also regrets her lips because they were deformed after the operation, but she admits that she did not resist the trend that continues to this day.

Vesna Zmijanac's daughter svet portal svet tabloidVesna Zmijanac's daughter svet portal svet tabloid

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“The other stupid thing I did, which I corrected, is the mouth. I got my lovely, beautiful mouth done because of a fashion that continues to this day. Back then there were only permanent surgeries on the lips and they became distorted over time, I looked like a duck, everything was uneven. Last year I removed everything unnatural from my mouth and now I have my own, natural mouth again, although unfortunately I had to go through the surgical process. They are big, beautiful and I don’t know what I needed. I did permanent makeup, so I always look like I have some lipstick on, I’m happy with that, and I also did my eyebrows and I also regret that I plucked them out in high school, I would never do that again either, admitted the singer who pointed out that she does not regret the nose surgery because she had a deviation, as well as that she does not have natural teeth in her upper jaw.”


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