How much do public figures in Serbia earn on Onlifens | Entertainment

How much do public figures in Serbia earn on Onlifens | Entertainment
How much do public figures in Serbia earn on Onlifens | Entertainment

The most famous is Milica Dabović, and there are also Ava Karabatić, Anđela Veštica, Maca Discrecija…

Reality stars, starlets, former Serbian national team player… these are just some of the beauties who made money on the platform for adults Onlifens.

Angela the Witchwhich we had the opportunity to watch in reality programs, on one occasion, while a guest on Ognjena Amidžića’s show, she revealed that thanks to this job she bought an apartment in Belgrade for 300,000 euros.

On that occasion, Angela revealed that the highest profit she made in one transaction was 42,000 euros.

“Onlifens has two million users, in Serbia it’s a taboo topic and it’s not something that’s common and normal. I’m in the business of selling my intimate pictures and videos. Just like on Instagram, only here you have members who pay a monthly membership fee, and that’s me personally I wouldn’t want to talk about the competition, but I definitely have the most followers. I recently bought an apartment for 300,000 euros”Angela said on that occasion.

Stanija Dobrojević said that she did not want to mention figures, but she also revealed that “a million fell”.

Onlifens brought me earnings that I couldn’t even imagine. It is not my main source of income, but it is one of the biggest. Now I have about 92 “guests” on the channel, including clips of is*xy photography. I earned a million, but sums are not important nowadays when for some people such earnings are a conceptStanija told local media.

Many were surprised by the news that former Serbian basketball player Milica Dabović decided to create a profile on this platform, and in just one month she gained thousands of followers. She is currently followed by more than 9,000 people, and the subscription to her profile is $15.

“I like to take pictures and I’m proud of my body. I’ve been training all my life, it’s my long-term project. I like how I look at 40, why wouldn’t I show it to others. I’ll show body parts depending on how much people pay . How much money, that much music”.

Starlet Maca Discrecia, who previously showed her body “for j” in numerous reality shows, decided to cash in on her appearance on Onlifens.

“I’m in the top five of the most successful girls in terms of earnings in the world. There’s nothing wrong with that. I wouldn’t want to show off the numbers, but since it’s a legal business, I can freely say that I earn more than 5,000 euros a month. Enough to be able to fulfill some of my wishes and dreams”.

Nataša Šavija bought a plot of land with her earnings, and then built a house in Novi Sad, and Ava Karabatić previously stated that she was “sorry that the subscription cannot amount to more than 5,000 dinars, because she, as a former Playboy bunny, would have raised it on 500 dollars.

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