“We made a wish and it came true”

“We made a wish and it came true”
“We made a wish and it came true”

The presenter of RED television, Stefan Kandic Candy has been in a love relationship with the beautiful Anjela, who normally works in digital marketing, for a long time.



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Candy is expecting a baby girl

Namely, he revealed today on the social network Instagram that the beautiful Angela is pregnant and that she is carrying a girl in her stomach, and the video he published delighted many.

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– We made a wish and it came true. Flowers are not the only thing that will grow next spring, but so is our family – wrote Candy proudly.

The most important thing is that she is alive and healthy. I was expecting, until three days ago I was one hundred percent sure that it was a girl, that’s how I felt, and then they told her during the ultrasound: “Do you want us to tell you the gender, it’s clearly visible?” and as soon as she said that… Yes, I wanted a little girl more, I’m so glad. Whatever it was, I would be happy. If the girl is the first, that she looks like her father, and if the boy is like her mother, I said that she looks just like me (laughs) – said Candy, and added:

– We don’t know that yet, we have some names in mind, but we haven’t decided yet… We talked last night, now I’m coming to my senses… I got engaged to her yesterday! I wanted at the same time, but not to smear the ring with paint, so first we revealed the gender and then I engaged her! – concluded the anchor for Pink.rs.

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