A Russian woman moved to Serbia and admitted that she does not understand our traffic rules


Russian Elizabeta Tarasova (23) moved to Serbia five months ago. Like any foreigner, she has already seen the advantages and disadvantages of our country, some of which surprised her. Elizabeta decided to share her life with others on the Internet, so she is recorded daily for the social network TikTok and talks about her experience in Serbia.

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Elizabeth Tarasova

One of her videos caught the interest of the citizens of our country, and in it Elizabeth explains how she cannot get used to the traffic lights in our country.

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– This is one thing that surprised me in Serbia. When you cross the road as a pedestrian, cars can still drive towards you. This refers to a situation where cars have to turn and pedestrians still have a green light. In most cases, drivers miss pedestrians, but sometimes they don’t care about pedestrians and don’t slow down at all. I don’t understand why there are such rules – Elizabeth said in one of her videos.

She hasn’t made any friends yet

However, she explains that of course beautiful things made a bigger impression on her. She says that she already understands a bit of Serbian, but that she still hasn’t made friends who were born here.

– More than a year ago, I left Moscow with my boyfriend for personal reasons. First we lived in Turkey, and now we have been in Belgrade for five months. Unfortunately, I still don’t speak Serbian, so I haven’t been able to find friends who were born in Serbia. I am learning the language by myself, but slowly. I can already read small messages and talk a little with some people in everyday situations. However, I have friends here who are also from Russia and we meet from time to time. Also my best friend lives in Montenegro. Of course, I often talk to my family via video call – says Elizabeth.

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Delighted by the natural beauty of the country

This Russian woman who moved to Serbia managed to visit some of the most beautiful regions of our country in a short period of time, and she says that she is delighted with the natural beauty.

– What I like most is that I can travel by car in Serbia. Everything is very close. We have already had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in Serbia, such as Uvac, Golubac fortress, Zlatar lake, Gostilje… The nature of this country is so diverse and unique – says Elizabeth.

Although from her experience Belgrade and Moscow are somewhat similar, she says that the difference is noticeable when you go deeper into our country, and she was most surprised by the stadiums.

– On the one hand, Belgrade is very similar to some parts of Moscow, but if you take Serbia as a whole, there are obvious differences. For example, small towns here are much more tucked away than in Russia. It also surprises me that even the smallest cities have big football stadiums. However, the most important thing is of course that people are so open and friendly. I never dreamed that people could be so hospitable – says a Russian woman who lives in Belgrade.

She adds that every country has its own charm, and she can’t decide which one is her favorite.

– It is very important to understand that all countries are different and beautiful in their own way. For example, Russia has a much more developed sphere of online services. In Turkey, I would highlight the authenticity and taste of the national cuisine. I am very satisfied that I have the opportunity to live in various countries and highlight their advantages and best sides – Elizabeth concludes.


The article is in Serbian

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