He won Europe with the Serbian team

He won Europe with the Serbian team
He won Europe with the Serbian team

The man who married the mother of Filip Živojinović after the divorce from Boba is a famous basketball player.

Filip Živojinović’s stepfather is a famous basketball player photo: Antonio Ahel/ATAImages

Filip Živojinović and Aleksandra Prijović are one of the most harmonious and famous young public couples in the region.

As Priya’s series of sold-out concerts began, the media wrote more and more about their families.

It is known that Filip is the son of our famous tennis player Slobodan Boba Živojinović.

Zorica Nakić is the mother of Filip Živojinović photo: Petar Aleksić

The beautiful Brena thus became his stepmother, although she always looked at him as her own child and gave him unconditional love.

And Brenna and Boba’s sons Viktor and Stefan are his half-brothers. But Filip has a family on his mother’s side.

After divorcing Slobodan Boba Živojinović, his mother remarried, again to an athlete.

The partner of Filip’s mother Zorica Nakić for many years is the famous Croatian basketball player Ivo Nakić.

While still an active player, Ivo won the European Champions Cup with Cibona in 1985. And then he moved to Belgrade’s Partizan, where he left a deep mark.

And how could he not when his generation achieved the greatest success of black and white basketball players in history and conquered Europe in 1992.

My favorite basketball player of all time. The best stepfather in the world and a friend for all time. The one and only Ivo Nakić – Filip once wrote on Instagram.

Ivo has two children from his marriage to Zorica, son Mario and daughter Iva. Filip has a great relationship with them and they see each other often.

Ivo’s son inherited his father’s love for hoops and followed his path.

He played for Real Madrid and Ostend, while he is currently defending the colors of Igokea.

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