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A few years after the death of his beloved wife Natashawhich was his biggest support throughout his life, into life Ljubivoje Ršumović she walked in one Gordana.

Ljubivoj Ršumović’s emotional partner, Goca, has been following him for years and supports him in every new project and with his sons has an extremely fair and respectful attitude.

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Ljubivoje presented his emotional partner, about whom he never spoke to the media, on the networks, and on his “Instagram” you can often see that Gordana keeps him company in various daily activities and on trips.

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The two of them are a harmonious couple, and they clearly showed how much they care for each other when they appeared last night at the Stefan Milenkovic concert, which was organized in cooperation with Novak Djokovic’s Foncacia. Gordana and Ljubivoje Ršumović came holding hands, while they did not remove the smile from their faces, which speaks more than a thousand words.

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