“He died in the Storm, I lived in the Safe House”

“He died in the Storm, I lived in the Safe House”
“He died in the Storm, I lived in the Safe House”

Folk singer Aleksandra Bursać revealed that her father died more than three decades ago, in the Storm.



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Aleksandra Bursać

– I was two and a half years old, I talked to my sister almost and I think it’s easier that I don’t know him – said Aleksandra Bursać at the beginning.

Aleksandra Bursać

– I have his pictures, they say I’m the same as him, physically, and my mom says I’m stubborn like him, he can put up with a lot, but when he crosses it out, you don’t exist anymore, that’s how I am too. The height, of course not, but the face, eyes and smile say they are the same. I am proud of him because in my eyes he turned out to be a hero, because he went to fight for his country – added the singer.

– I still miss my dad to this day, we grew up with my mom’s husband, we love him, but I had no one to call my father and that will always be a painful wound. He was buried in Croatia, I was almost there, I left when my grandfather passed away. That’s when I went to his grave for the first time, that’s when I found the strength, his wish was to be buried there – Aleksandra pointed out to “Nova”, then talked about the period when she lived in the Safe House.

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– I remember that as a phenomenal period, a great friendship was born between my mother and our godmother Mirjana, my mother baptized her son Alexander and we are like a family. That period was phenomenal, a lot of children and we all hung out, we were protected like polar bears. We were there for a couple of years then, it was in Surčin – said the former participant of “Zvezda Granda”, then revealed what happened next.

– We received help, there is an organization “Fighting Violence” and our current godmother gave us her share of the house and let us live with her for a couple of years, without any compensation. She left that house to us and went to America and we lived there until mom got down and then she bought a house. She worked three jobs and nothing was a problem for her, the two of us took care of ourselves – she pointed out to the aforementioned medium Aleksandra, who always wanted to become successful in music.

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