Music is what warms me the most

Music is what warms me the most
Music is what warms me the most

He likes to say that “man writes songs for others, but also for himself, for his money, which is said – to free up space in himself and be ready to send and receive love again”.

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It is interesting that for some new songs he used the verses of his favorite poet Jovan Jovanović Zmaj.

Poets are of this world. Without them, life would be bland. The poet quickly, but not easily, reaches the essence in three words, leads us into the vestibule of truth, confronts us with the greatest secrets, and that is great power. Poetry is strength – begins the story for “Blic magazine” Nikola Pejaković Kolja.

Rude message

Because of the title of the new album, the question arises whether a person can be happy today, despite everything, and whether it seems to him that most people today do not know how to smile from the heart, but also to be truly happy…

A person must and should be happy. Everything is there, everything. To think that you lack something and that you are deprived is a rude and disappointing message, attitude, that we are dissatisfied with what the Lord has given us. He gives you life, and you express displeasure – it is, to say the least, rude. It is, in the spiritual sense, true illiteracy – says Pejaković.

Kolja will present the new studio album already on December 20 and that again in Belgrade’s MTS hall. Fans of his hits such as: “When I fell into this world”, “Može malo tomorrow”, “Groom”, “Lilac dress”, “Every night is the same darkness” and “Do I wither or see” will have the opportunity to they also enjoy the new songs of this artist.

– The MTS hall is an important point for the Tomb Owners and we hope that the concerts in it will become traditional. Belgrade in miniature gathers at those concerts. There are all kinds – beautiful, strange, smart, gentle world… And that love, which flows during those two hours, is unrepeatable – explains the artist.

TV trilogy

Television viewers were pleasantly surprised by Kolja’s trilogy “Meso” and “Bones”, and he recently finished filming the third part, “Skins”. It reveals whether they complete the story with this trilogy.

“Koža” is the story of a man who returns to his city, to a city where everything is different now and where, as far as he is concerned, there is still a lot of unfinished business left, a lot of unfinished business, emotional wounds, unresolved relationships… The same thematic circles – repentance, sin, redemption, relationship to parents, life after war and suffering… We believe that the audience will react to “Koža” as they did and to the previous series. The “Skin” series ends the trilogy, but with it we do not put an end to the subject. We will continue to use the city of Banja Luka, the Republic of Srpska, that area soaked in tears, pain, prayers and relics of saints as a source of stories. We will continue our cooperation with RTS and we think that this is the most natural and logical way. The trilogy “Meso”, “Bones” and “Skin” will remain a significant, pioneering work for us – he says.

A few days ago, he started shooting the film “Yugo Florida” by Vladimir Tagić.

I can’t reveal much to you, but I play the character of Vesa, the father of the main character, and I’m really glad to participate in the creation of Tagić’s debut – says the artist.

Grateful to God

This spring, Kolja also filmed the film “Crown” by Vasilij Nikitović. It is currently being edited, that is, in the post-production phase, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the premiere of this work. It is well known that he recorded a song with Manjifika for the series “Shadows over the Balkans”. The artist reveals whether he will be a part of the third series of Bjelogrlic’s project, the filming of which will begin in 2024.

I hope I will. Magnifica is always a pleasure to work with, he is a talented and good man – he is an artist of opinion.

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Nikola Pejaković

Next year Kolja turns three and a half decades since his first TV role in Dragan Veselinović’s film “Abstinents”. He says that he does not believe that he will mark this anniversary.

– Somehow, not that I don’t want to, but I don’t follow those things, so I forget them… – says Nikola.

Kolja is successful as a musician, actor, screenwriter and director. He explains in which field he feels the best and most free…

– I am grateful to God for everything he has given me. I have never been a painter. Of these trades you mentioned, I am alive, thank God, but I only picked up the guitar in my childhood, as a freshman, I also consider playing, recording music, concerts, a great privilege. Maybe music is what warms me the most – Kolja thinks aloud.

About popularity

When asked if he was at the beginning of his career and could choose what he would change about himself at the start, Nikola says:

It was as the Lord wanted. Our life on earth is a moment, only as important as it is important and necessary to show which side we are on and what we want to be with us in eternity. We are dust and dust we will remain. Only our soul travels towards the stars, towards God. It is important that we arrive there clean and that Christ recognizes us.

Although some people think that Kolja is one of those artists who doesn’t like popularity, he doesn’t think so.

Popularity pleases me, believe me. I use it, a lot, and it doesn’t bother me. I practice giving people everything I can and ask of me. As one song says: “… No one’s heart must ache because of me, I will be the one who kneels and prays…” – concludes Pejaković.

Seriousness and madness

To many, Nikola seems like a very serious man in private, but those who know him better say that in fact this seriousness is his defense system.

Man changes, matures, and only the old, good madness in him remains the same, constant. Trust me, madness is as constant as the color in the eye. And that madness works for the glory of God. And it has its own secret purpose. Now I create laughter and humor more than I enjoy it – says the actor.

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