Fashion releases from the Billboard Awards: Mariah Carey, Bibi Reggae and Selena Gomez

Fashion releases from the Billboard Awards: Mariah Carey, Bibi Reggae and Selena Gomez
Fashion releases from the Billboard Awards: Mariah Carey, Bibi Reggae and Selena Gomez

Famous singer Mariah Carey she continued her dazzling series of fashion failures. Her styling is confirmation that he neither cares about fashion critics nor intends to hire a stylist who knows his job.

Best Dressed at the Billboard Awards: Black, but not boring

Mariah Carey doesn’t get out of an outfit that is a real FASHION FAIL: She doesn’t know which is the worse choice, LEGGINGS OR SANDALS that have been popular for several decades

She has 800 MILLION in her account, and she wears a dress that costs LESS THAN 5 THOUSAND DINARS: Glamorous Selena Gomez wowed on the red carpet in such an effective yet modest edition!

She’s being called out on Instagram for pulling off a huge fashion faux pas that looks like children’s clothing, in an extremely bizarre way.

Mariah Carey was presented with a special Chart Achievement Award, her daughter Monroe, who regularly performs with her, was on stage with her. The music star also has a son, Moroccan, who she also had with her ex-husband, actor and presenter Nick Cannon.

Singer Carol G brought the most challenging editiona plastic dress, under which breasts were visible.

Carol G looks irresistibly like Khloe Kardashian, and her style reminds her of the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner reality clan.

She recently won two Grammys, and last night she was also presented with two awards in the categories of Top Latin Female Artist and Top Latin Touring Artist. She also presented herself in challenging styling during the performance.

The singer of Albanian origin, Bibi Reji, just like Mariah Carey, needs a stylist. She wore an awkward dress to the award, the designer wanted too much and achieved too little.

Her dress “transformed” into an unusual costume, and Bibi Reja shared the stage with DJ David Guetta.

Let’s remind you, in June of this year in New York, during a concert, Bibi Reja was shot from the audience with a mobile phone after she showed the double-headed eagle symbol.

The most beautiful dress was worn by Selena Gomez, winner of the Top Afrobeats Song award, behind this model is the fashion house Oscar de la Retna.

At last night’s ceremony, the award for the best Latin artist went to the rapper Bed Bunny, Beyoncé received the award for the best dance/electronic music album (Renaissance), D Weekend is the best R&B artist, music from the movie Barbie triumphed in the soundtrack album category, Drake is the best rapper , Kanye West is the best gospel singer, Nicki Minaj is the best rapper, and Queen B was awarded the best R&B tour, Coldplay had the best rock tour, and SZA is the best R&B artist, both in the general category and as a female. performer.

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