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An attractive model accompanied by a man, who is allegedly her husband whom she has never shown on the networks

Source: Kurir/Printscreen

Dino Merlin is holding his second concert, and this evening there is a crowd in front of the Belgrade Arena in New Belgrade. Among the first of the “VIP faces” appeared the singer Maja Berović accompanied by her husband Alen, and after her we soon had the opportunity to see Ivana Korab.

An attractive model and mother of two boys, she appeared at the concert in denim jeans and a leather jacket and black boots, and she was accompanied by a man unknown to the public, with whom she was holding hands.

Source: Kurir/Printscreen

As soon as they saw the paparazzi, the man, who the media speculates is her husband, took cover from the flashes of photojournalists gathered in front of the Arena and “disappeared” so that Ivana could pose herself.

Source: Kurir/Petar Aleksić

This is how Ivana “showed” her husband on Instagram:



Ivana Korab is holding hands with a mysterious man
Source: Courier

Source: Courier

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