Bogdana is pregnant, they also discovered the sex of the baby

Bogdana is pregnant, they also discovered the sex of the baby
Bogdana is pregnant, they also discovered the sex of the baby

Son of folk diva Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, kick boxer Veljko Ražnatović and his wife Bogdana are expecting their third child.



Photo: Zoran Ilić / RAS Serbia

photo by Zoran Ilic

He shared the happy news on Instagram.

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Photo: RAS Serbia

Veljko and Bogdana Raznatović

“Another baby is coming,” the elated dad wrote.

By the way, Veljko and Bogdana have two sons, Željko and Krstan.

Veljko enjoys with his wife Bogdanomi sons in Titel, where they also built a family home.

Let us recall that Veljko Ražnatović previously revealed that he does not hide the fact that he would like his successors to follow in his footsteps and become athletes.

Photo: Teodora Borozan / Ringier

Veljko Ražnatović arrived at the maternity hospital

– That’s the best you can be, an athlete. As far away from the public world as possible, growing up next to the camera no way. That’s one damn thing! No one has lived with me for five minutes, nor does he know my day… – he told us recently, then added:

– I get a lot of criticism from people no matter what I did and I don’t think they need it and I think their life will be much better if every mistake they make in their youth is not exaggerated. I don’t see them there, I would do everything in my power to put them away.

Photo: Milan Ilić / RAS Serbia

Veljko Ražnatović and Bogdana Rodić

He then admitted that urban life tired him.

– I have a wife and children. Dad can’t come home drunk from town at five in the morning and be a jerk. Just as the night life tired me out, so did hooking up with girls I shouldn’t have been with. It’s all sin. Everything I did was abnormal and sinful. Someone can say now, because it’s the 21st century, that this is all stupid, but I think that those who do it and think like that are abnormal – pointed out Veljko.

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