Nadica Ademov hugs the heir she got with a millionaire from Germany


Singer and former participant of the “Zvezde Granda” music competition, Nadica Ademov, who gave birth three weeks ago, shared an emotional moment from her family home with her followers on social networks.



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Nadica Ademov

Nadica Ademov posted a photo with the heiress on Instagram.

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Nadica Ademov with her husband

The heirs are her and her partner Damir named Melina, which means sweet in Latin.

Nadica and Damir celebrated the anniversary of their love just 7 days ago, and recently they had another reason to celebrate in the family.

On that occasion, the singer announced the first photo together with the sweetheart and birthday cake and candles.

In the description of the picture she wrote:

Photo: Instagram

Nadica Ademov

My wish has come true, God, thank you for everything. Thank you all for the beautiful cards. Your Nadica Ademov loves you.

Let us remind you that singer Nadica Ademov had a child with businessman Damir from Germany, with whom she has been dating for about three years.

It was written that the mysterious man is a millionaire and that he keeps Nadica like a little water in the palm of his hand, and he recently gave her an expensive Porsche car.

Damir is an older, rugged and powerful man, whom Ademova does not often show on social networks.


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