Another Taylor Swift fan has passed away

Another Taylor Swift fan has passed away
Another Taylor Swift fan has passed away

Another Taylor Swift fan has died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a girl named Gabrielle Miljome Santos was stabbed to death on Copacabana Beach, hours after attending the music star’s concert at Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium.

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The girl, who was 25 years old, wore a “Swifities” bracelet on her arm, as a big fan of the American singer Taylor Swift. As the Daily Mail writes, the tragedy happened today, in the early hours of the morning.

This is the second tragedy in Rio de Brazil, in which Taylor Swift fans died. Before the concert on Friday, a 23-year-old girl died of cardiac arrest.

The family of Gabriel Miljome Santos announced that the funeral will be organized tomorrow, in the hometown of the murdered girl in the western Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The victim of this tragedy will be buried in the special clothes she chose for the concert of her favorite star, her loved ones said.

Rio de Janeiro is facing an unprecedented heat wave – fans were reportedly not allowed to bring water into the concert, footage emerged of Taylor Swift asking security to give water to the crowd, and video of her throwing water bottles at fans.

After the tragedy on Friday, Taylor Swift announced the postponement of her tour, but continued with a series of concerts, writes People.

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