Who is Fatima Florez? The favorite of the new head of Argentina and the future first lady dreamed of a presidential villa since she was a child


Until now, Argentine actress Fátima Florez was mostly known for her celebrity impersonations and hosting shows, but after her partner Javier Miley’s landslide election victory, the 42-year-old star will be known around the world as Argentina’s new first lady. The couple first started dating in July this year after meeting on the show last December while Fatima was still married to her husband, the Daily Mail reports. But will his self-proclaimed ‘lioness’ manage to tame the new ‘playboy’ president who rose to fame by boasting about his sexual stamina and love of threesomes?

Fatima Florez – whose real name is Maria Eugenia Florez – was born in February 1981 and grew up in Olivos, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. It is believed that the actress’ father Oscar worked as an architect, while her mother Marta was a geography teacher. The couple has three daughters and divorced when Fatima was nine years old. Speaking to Clarin in 2014, Fatima said she could see the presidential mansion, where her boyfriend will now be based, from her home as a child and noticed that helicopters were always coming and going.


In an interview with Infobe in 2019, Fatima revealed how she first discovered her talent for acting when she was in primary school. As a teenager, the actress struggled with self-image and developed anorexia after her parents’ divorce. In an interview with Pampita Ardohain in 2018, Fatima – who weighed 40 kilograms as a teenager – said: “I hid it, especially from my parents, when they asked me if I ate – I would lie…”

When she was 17, Fatima became a dancer and appeared in the productions of the musician Pepito Cibrians. Three years later, Fatima joined the band Las Primas and moved to Peru for work where she met her ex-husband Norbert Marcos, who is almost 20 years her senior.

Javier Millay romance

In December 2022, Fatima met her now-boyfriend Javier Millay when they both appeared on Mirte Legrand’s wildly popular talk show – two months before she officially split from her husband. During the interview, Fatima told the politician: ‘You are too alone for your important role.’ In October, the couple returned to Mirta’s show to confirm they were dating. Fatima explained: “We started talking on Instagram and started seeing each other. It came very naturally.” The couple described their love as “exotic”. Fatima then went on to explain how she officially separated from her husband on her birthday in February – comparing it to the historic Battle of San Lorenzo in 1813.


Who is Javier?

Five years ago he suddenly tried his luck on Argentina’s favorite daytime TV chat shows and the producers quickly realized that viewers couldn’t get enough of his crazy claims about his se**ual stamina and his brash political opinions. He also openly talked about triplets.

He prefers to call himself an anarcho-capitalist, which means that he would like to “rip off” as much government intervention as possible and leave it all to the free market. Javier proudly says that he used to be an instructor of tantric se**a – a slow, meditative form of intercourse based on Eastern philosophies where the ultimate goal is not orgasm but enjoyment of the process.

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