“On a woman, I always notice the hair, skin, teeth and nails first”

“On a woman, I always notice the hair, skin, teeth and nails first”
“On a woman, I always notice the hair, skin, teeth and nails first”

Host Ognjen Amidžić recently confirmed the good news that he and his chosen one, Mina Naumović, are expecting a baby, and the popular couple has already scheduled a wedding.



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Ognjen Amidžić, Mina Naumović

Namely, Mina and Ognjen will become parents in a couple of months, and now on her profile on Instagram, she expressed her attitude about women and revealed what she noticed first about them.

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Mina’s post

– I always notice the hair, skin, teeth and nails first on a woman. A beautiful woman, in my humble opinion, is a well-groomed woman. I’ve learned to filter strictly when it comes to the choice of people to whom I let myself go, both through life and when it comes to care – Mina wrote and boasted about her healthy hair.

Let’s remind you, Host Ognjen Amidžić spoke recently about Mina’s pregnancy.

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Ognjen Amidžić and Mina Naumović

– The occasion is wonderful. I can say that both Mina and I are overjoyed. This is exactly what we wanted and waited for and it happened, what can we say. I am literally overjoyed. And on the other hand, I’m a bit superstitious, I don’t like to talk too much, just to make everything okay – says Ognjen and adds:

– There is nothing better, stronger and happier than this to happen. So maybe I’ll only be happier when the baby comes. Just give God health that everything will be as it should be.

Video: Ognjen Amidžić with his girlfriend at the airport

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