“”When you are left without the most beloved beings”

“”When you are left without the most beloved beings”
“”When you are left without the most beloved beings”

Their talent for writing texts was also inherited by their son Milan Laća Radulović, who died in 2022.

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Yet, the tragic departure of first the younger son Miloš, Marina’s serious illness and death, and finally the death of the older son Laća Futa were marked by immense sadness.

Just before the first anniversary of Lacina and the three-year anniversary of Jay’s death, Futa found the strength to talk about his involvement in the film “The Week” about Jay’s life.

Futa recalled his fondest memories of Jay.

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– It must have been the moment when we met and when I heard for the first time in my life what a small and big man carries inside him. That divine color of the voice and his vocal play with different musical genres left such an impression on me that I was simply speechless! All that mentioned, and more in one place. And, of course, as the crowning glory, the concerts at Taš in ’91 and at the Fair in ’92.

He also touched on the moment when he and Marina discovered the talent Ramadanovski had.

– That was known and seen at the start. One such talent as Jay, in the mass of mediocrity that was present in our lives every day, could not go unnoticed. And by the capacity of everything he carried inside him, it was undeniable that his career would last a long time. Even now, posthumously, the songs that Jay sang are even more listened to and enjoyed, which means that even now there is a lack of such (but new) songs, and a lack of singers, at least in terms of quality, like Jay was. Although such a person is rarely born, God grant that there may be more.


About termination of cooperation

– I wouldn’t call it the end of Jay’s cooperation with Marina and me, but I would call it a transition phase in creativity. Over time, there was oversaturation and each of us individually started some other challenges (except Marina). Sometime in late ’94. Jay opens his night club and I open my studio. From that moment on, music was second nature to him. Until then, we had done seven studio albums, it is not known which one did better than whom. From this time distance, I don’t know what we would have composed next for Jay at that time if we had continued working at the same pace, and what we could have done better and more. We simply needed a break and to get some rest from each other.

Radulović followed the filming of “Nedelj”, and now he revealed how he reacted when he watched the scenes and whether the scenes from the past came back to him.

The film started shooting at the very moment when the worst thing that could happen to someone was happening to me in my life. When you are left without your most beloved beings, when you are left without your whole family, when you are left alone. They called me about the permissions to use our songs in a film about Jay and his life, in which the sad fates of all the characters dear to me are intertwined. At first, I didn’t want to get more involved in all of that because simply the sad moments were stronger than my creative activity. But at the insistence of Vladan Anđelković, the film’s producer, little by little I was more and more attracted to that story. Bringing back the film from the past, while avoiding all the negative memories, it turns out that the music actually had a positive effect on me. The music won. I hope that my contribution and the contribution of my collaborators in the musical part of the film met all the criteria and completed the whole story, which is excellent in itself – said the lyricist.


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