Who are married to the most beautiful women in Serbia who hide their husbands like a snake’s legs


They don’t expose them.

When you are a public figure, your life is under public scrutiny. Famous women from Serbia are followed by the paparazzi at every step, and fans on social networks closely follow all their posts. However, even though they are exposed to the public due to the nature of their work, many famous Serbian women try their best to keep their private lives to themselves. And this means that they do not expose their husbands and do not talk about them in the media.

Check out the list of Serbian beauties who hide their spouses “like snake legs”.

Anica Dobra

Anica Dobra Photo: Stefan Tomasevicl/ATAImages

The famous Serbian actress Anica Dobra dobra enchants the audience again and again with her roles both in Serbia and outside the borders of our country. However, she tries to keep her private life away from the public eye. And he skillfully succeeds in that. Anica never exposes her family and does not talk about her privacy in the media.

However, it is known that her heart was “captured” three decades ago by businessman Miodrag Mića Sovtić, with whom she has a daughter, Mina Sovtić, who followed in her mother’s footsteps. Miodrag is the actress’s great support from the shadows.

Photo: Printscreen/YouTube/RTS Oko

The mysterious Miodrag Sovtić is the long-term president of the football club Dorćol. While he has a daughter, Mina, with the actress, Miodrag also has a son, Miloš, from his first marriage, who at one time was appointed secretary of the professional staff of the “gauchos”.

Lena Kovacevic

Photo: Antonio Ahel/ATAImages

The famous singer Lena Kovačević has been in a harmonious marriage for more than a decade with her husband Veljko Brčin, who is a pharmacist and a very successful businessman. However, Lena skillfully hides her chosen one and the father of her sons Vuk and Teodor for years.

We can rarely see her with her husband at an event or on the red carpet, and how she managed to preserve her emotional life, the artist once revealed to the media.

“I can’t do otherwise. I share in the story all that I have the need to share, that’s how I grew up. It’s a model I liked. For me, everyone’s private life is something sacred,” she once emphasized.

Ivana Korab

Marija Mladjen/ATAImages

And the husband of the beautiful model Ivana Korab is an enigma for the public. The beautiful model, who became a mother for the second time this year, has been doing her best for years so that almost nothing is known about her life partner.

Ivana didn’t even want to mention his name. And while she regularly shares photos with her children on Instagram, you won’t find her husband on any of them. Once, she published a photo with him and her son taken during a winter vacation, but she hid her husband’s face with an emoticon.

Maja Berović

Maya Berović Photo: Filip Krainčanić/Nova.rs

Maja Berović has been in a harmonious marriage since 2016 with businessman Alen Dragoslav, with whom she has a son whom she gave birth to in 2022 in a hospital in Austria. Although she met her husband when she was only 17 years old, she hides him from the public.

They almost never appear together at events. And only once did she set a precedent and show it on Instagram.

Ivana Kukrić

One of our most famous and beautiful top models, Ivana Kukrić, who in her rich modeling career swept the world’s catwalks and graced the most prestigious fashion magazines, has been living a quiet life away from the public eye for years with her Montenegrin husband Ivan Bajković, with whom she has two daughters, five-year-old Hana and Nora. which she brought into the world on September 28 of this year, and she revealed the details of the birth recently for Zapozdna.

Today, the Serbian beauty lives with her family on the Belgrade-Budva route, and for the past few months she has been staying in Los Angeles, where she gave birth. She never introduced the chosen one to the fans, and there is a reason for that, she withdrew from the public and today lives a completely peaceful and family life. And he wants to keep it that way.

Marina Tadic

Marina Tadić Photo: Instagram/marinatadic_official

Singer Marina Tadić also skillfully hides her lawyer husband Uroš from everyone. They do not appear together at public events, and they do not post photos on social networks.

The reason is very simple. She wants to keep her oasis of peace to herself, and her husband is not a fan of publicity.

However, she often encounters comments from the public that she doesn’t really like.

“I don’t live for Instagram, my life is my life, career is something completely different and there is no need to mix those two things, because the person is not from this business, if he was from this business it would be completely natural and normal for us to take pictures now , but he is engaged in a completely different business. I personally think that I have the right to my privacy,” said Marina at one time in the show “Grand Magazin” and added:

“They tell me I’m hiding, so we don’t hide, I live a normal life, only I don’t present it on Instagram every second, to show people that we’re happy, I don’t need that.” I need that, when we are together, we have our happiness and our oasis, him, me and our child, and now why should Zora from Leskovac know that. She needs to know if I cut my hair, if I look great and if I have a new song out, that as far as my career is concerned, and as far as my private life is concerned, it’s been like that from the beginning, it’ll be like that as long as I’m around on that public stage.”

In January 2020, Marina became the mother of a little girl, Vera, and since then her life has taken on a new meaning.

Bojana Rajić Đurđević


The famous Serbian model has not appeared in public for many years, and since she divorced goalkeeper Vladimir Stojković and married businessman Branislav Đurđević, she skillfully hides her private life from the media.

Although she is active on social networks, she only posts a photo with her husband in rare situations, usually when it comes to anniversaries and some important dates for them.



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