The PR guru revealed what is behind the increasingly frequent appearances of Meghan Markle at gala events

The PR guru revealed what is behind the increasingly frequent appearances of Meghan Markle at gala events
The PR guru revealed what is behind the increasingly frequent appearances of Meghan Markle at gala events

She recently appeared at the Variety Power of Women event without her husband Prince Harry, but she did mention that she and her husband are preparing new projects and can’t wait to make it official.

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“It’s a tactic and Meghan Markle is reemphasizing that constant need for recognition and, more importantly, association with money-making activities,” Borkowski claims.

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Meghan Markle was at the mentioned event in the company of Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo DiCaprio. She sat down with a representative from Universal, who runs their film and TV businessbefore posing with a former Spielberg protégé and producer who now helps run the organization behind the Oscars.

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She took a seat at the table in the central part of the room, near her was Leonardo DiCaprio, and close to her was the famous agent Brad Slater, who worked with Ben Affleck, Dwayne Johnson and her friend Serena Williams.

The PR guru says it’s part of a clear plan that PR experts have been using for decades- drawing attention to himself in order to get new engagements in Hollywood. Borkowski believes that Meghan Markle wants to return to acting, although her spokesperson recently stated that this is not true.

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“Obviously it’s time to relaunch the Sussex brand, and her solo performance speaks volumes for the direction it’s heading. The past year hasn’t been great for them. Studio executives don’t care if you’re a duchess or a janitor, it’s about substance, and the Archewell Foundation needs a new hit,” said another PR expert, Eric Schiffer. He added that the Americans liked Meghan and Harry, but that everything has changed, because the USA does not like “poor people”.

“We love a can-do attitude, and that’s what Megan showed last week. She came to the red carpet like a pro and was active. I’m sure this is about positioning her as an independent, powerful woman who ‘exists’ on her own in her own right, and not just as someone who is famous for marrying a prince”, noted and said that her appearance was planned to the last detail: “Professionally, it seems that she is giving up Harry and going alone”, writes the Daily Mail. The waiver concerns public appearances, and it was previously rumored that her career would go in that direction.

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