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Fashion designer Michele Lamy recently appeared on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival at the premiere of the movie ‘Ferrari’ and shocked everyone present and the public with her appearance.

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Photo: Profimedia

This French designer is also the muse and wife of Rick Owens, and her character is striking and recognizable enough that once you see her, you will never mistake her for another woman.

You will recognize her by the vertical black line on her forehead, tanned skin, golden crusts on her teeth and black fingers decorated with numerous rings. The clothes she wears are avant-garde, so her appearance looks like part of a performance. He always has a cigarette in hand and says it’s a habit he can thank Godard and his films for, Steele writes.

“I always wear seven, sometimes eight rings on my fingers. The eighth is a large crystal that I wear on my right thumb, but when it’s there I can’t type, so I only wear it on special occasions. The ring is the first thing I put on when I wake up, even before I make my morning tea,” she once said in an interview.

She also explained why she dyes her fingers black: “Once I realized I could dye my fingers black with hair dye. I’ve always hated nail polish, but I love my black fingers.”

Michel is of Algerian origin. She was born in 1944 and grew up in France during World War II. She comes from a rich artistic family and has been surrounded by interesting people and art, antiques and restorers since childhood. Details from her past are rather contradictory and unclear, because Michelle prefers to talk about current events, and in interviews she often gives vague answers about her past. During her life she changed many professions and literally lived several lives.

In the 1920s, she and a friend performed in theaters and did striptease, and in the late 1970s, she decided to leave her previous life and moved to Los Angeles.

In America, she devoted herself to a fashion career and founded her own brand ‘Lami’. Her fashion style has always been different. As she says, even in her childhood she often dressed unusually, and her parents would ask her when leaving the house: ‘Where are you going dressed like that?’

Photo: Profimedia

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