What does the new wife of Severina’s ex look like?

What does the new wife of Severina’s ex look like?
What does the new wife of Severina’s ex look like?

What does the new wife of Severina’s ex look like? Photo: Kurir

Milan Popovic, Severina’s ex-husband, has been enjoying a new love for a long time with a blonde, who looks nothing like the singer. Namely, apart from their completely different appearance, their characters are also the exact opposite.

Milan Popovic
photo: Kurir/Dado Đilas

After that ended a turbulent and very short marriage with regional music star, he met Bojana and built a family home with her. And even though she is 28 years younger than him, it seems that this big difference does not affect their harmonious relationship at all.

From their great love, they had two sons – Milan and Đorđe, and soon their family becomes richer for another member. They are extremely happy that soon Bojana will give birth to a girl. Milan Popović’s wife does not like to expose herself in publicand the businessman once spoke about her to the media as an exemplary woman.

Milan Popovic
photo: Kurir/Dragana Udovicic

– There are no quarrels or arguments with her, even now that she is in a different state, when women know how to be capricious. She is sweet, dear and a wonderful mother, and that is very important to me – said Milan once.

On the other hand, he does not have a good opinion of his ex-wife, with whom he had a son. Relations between them have been strained for a long time, and the problems surrounding the custody of the little one are solved through the court with numerous scandals filling the pages of newspapers. The businessman believes that due to the nature of Severina’s work, she cannot fully devote herself to their child, and that he should grow up with his father.

And what Severina looked like at the very beginning of her career, see in the photo gallery:

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