Family problems can no longer be hidden (PHOTO) ||

Family problems can no longer be hidden (PHOTO) ||
Family problems can no longer be hidden (PHOTO) ||

He is a well-behaved boy son of Milan Kalinić and an excellent student at school. The values ​​of the actor and his wife Sandra passed on to the heir are felt in his every move, but the teenage years have taken their toll.

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Jovana Bojkovic

Little Vuk Kalinic Lately, he has been surprising the proud at every turn with his behavior and statements parentsand one conversation with a pet, particularly impressive, was recently interpreted by the actor in the show “If I Speak”.

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Jovana Bojkovic

Kalinic told, namely, that the heir admitted to him that he was watching adult movies with his friends.

– A year ago, when Vuk was 10 years old, we were coming back from training, he was sitting behind me and said: “Dad, Dušan and I were watching po**ice.” I say, “Okay, Wuyo, and,” and he continues, “Well, you know what they’re doing over there,” and I say, “Well, I know, Wuyo, great.” And he answered: “But, dad, I really liked it.” I say: “Uncle, that’s normal, every man likes to watch po*nies. That’s what every normal man likes to watch, and so does the woman,” said the presenter with a laugh, whose worries with the children are yet to come.

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Jovana Bojkovic

Milan Kalinić’s son is slowly entering his most critical years sister Thea, on the other hand, is very much a teenager, and the presenter joked that he had prepared heavy weapons for her sympathy.

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