Jeremy Ruleman died at the age of 27

Photo: Instagram/ruehlemann

Model Jeremy Ruleman has died at the age of 27, and the cause of this young man’s death has not yet been announced.

The tragic news was announced on social networks by the famous designer Krstijan SIriano with a very touching message about Jeremy, with whom he collaborated:

– I have never published anything like this, but it is really hard to lose a friend who was such a beautiful soul. This is for Jeremy, the most beautiful man who gave so much love to everyone he met no matter what.

According to the designer, Ruleman was his muse and he will be loved forever.

– Sending all my love to his family and friends who have lost someone so special. I know we will meet again one day, but right now I just want to hug him. Rest well Jay, we all love you so much! Send love to his family today, please,” he added.

Jeremy Ruleman has worked for several fashion agencies such as “Soul Artist Management”, “Next Models”, “Core Hamburg”, “IMM Brussels” and “The Mgmt”, according to “Footwear News”.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he was originally from New Jersey, and before he started modeling, he studied psychology.


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