He wanted to beat a boy (16), but he regretted it badly

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A shocking video is circulating on the Internet. A man of unknown identity tries to start a physical conflict with the minor, but the situation soon turns very bad for him.

Although it seemed to him that he had an advantage in that fight, he did not know that Alex Williams (16) was the former jiujitsu world champion and that they will send him to the ground very quickly. Twice.

The video was shared on social networks by Alex Enlund, who is himself a great master of martial arts, and with the video of this short “fight” he also gave a strong message.

See what it looked like:

“A grown man tries to attack a 16-year-old boy, but he doesn’t know that he is a multiple world champion in BJJ. Alex shows calmness, restraint and courage in this situation. Enroll the kids in a martial arts school because there’s little chance they’ll become bullies because of the things they learn there,” Enlund wrote.

And indeed, young Williams showed incredible maturity. He did not use more force than necessary, and the video clearly shows that even after two incredible knockdowns, the attacker insists on continuing the conflict.



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