Millie accuses Devitt of trying to shut him down in the LGBT community

Musician Marko Milivojev, known to the public as Mili, stated recently that his colleague David Ljubenović Devit is attracted to men, and a little later the answer followed.

It says:

Vladimir Miljanic

24.01.2023. 21:54

Photo: Youtube / screenshot

Nine, Millie

– I’m not gay, since that’s your biggest problem, I think it’s a bigger problem that someone spreads hatred based on sexuality. Support for all my friends, colleagues, fans, who are members of the LGBTQ+ population, whom I greatly appreciate and respect. You can’t ask to be the godfather of pride and try to diminish someone’s value by calling him a member of the LGBTQ+ community, without permission, and try to offend him, I wasn’t offended, I died laughing – said Devito last night , and Milli has now returned to this topic.

– Hahaha, as much as it’s been written, there’s a lot of justification, he’s still setting me up and accusing me of some hatred in public yesterday as if he’s a prosecutor, not a rapper! Hook there, landara, that doesn’t match his lyrics, when you hear his lyrics you’d think some guy is dangerous – Mili said on social networks.

Millie's post

Photo: screenshot

Millie’s post

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– But as if he tried to “cancel” (abolish) me with a certain group of people, and I canceled myself hahaha… Well, this is not America for you, stinker! I am an institution for you, sloppy, only I can cancel you – he added afterwards.

See how Devito looks without a mask in a separate text.

Millie's post

Photo: screenshot

Millie’s post

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