The main trend for spring 2023 granny shoes | A magazine

The main trend for spring 2023 granny shoes | A magazine
The main trend for spring 2023 granny shoes | A magazine

Another fashion trend that causes strong reactions.

Fashion has no rules, but it brings trends that cause different reactions. It seems that the time has come for those who are the most unusual, and who are often considered the most hated, to experience the greatest popularity. Many would describe it in a sentence “the uglier the better”but the fashionistas definitely know how to pull it off.

The footwear, which is predicted to be the most popular in the spring of 2023, is already causing unsatisfactory reactions. At least if you ask the stronger sex. Women have “stuck” for “granny shoes”. It is a “Mary Jane” model that already rules the fashion scene. The original model was created at the beginning of the 20th centuryand now it’s back to the big door.

They are recognizable by their thin belt and the fact that they can fit into different styles and fashion combinations. French fashion connoisseurs know that this model is indispensable in the shoes of trendsetters and point out that it will be more popular now than ever. However, men do not like these shoes, and numerous comments can be found on social networks.

“Why won’t women invent everything, this is not beautiful!”, “They are just for grandmas”, “My girl looks 10 years older in this”, “They will never understand that everything that is a trend does not necessarily mean that it is beautiful”, “New fashion that brings back things from the last century”read only some of the comments on the networks.

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