Who is Gisele Bundchen’s new boyfriend?

Who is Gisele Bundchen’s new boyfriend?
Who is Gisele Bundchen’s new boyfriend?

Gisele Bundchen, Photo: Printscreen:instagram/gisele

Published: 18.03.2023. 9:08 p.m
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The beautiful Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, it seems, did not suffer much after the divorce! Namely, just five months after she broke up with former NFL star Tom Brady, she is happily in love again. And according to foreign media, she started a romance, no less, no more, than with one of her ex-husband’s best friends – billionaire Jeffrey Sofer, who owns luxury hotel chains.

– They have been seeing each other for several months and secretly meet about once a week – said a well-informed source for “Daily Mail”.

On the other hand, athlete Tom Brady was extremely close to Jeffrey, and the fact that they were seen together at the end of January also supports this.


That Gisele “dropped a spoon into the honey” is also shown by the property card of Sofer – the owner of the legendary hotel “Fontainebleau” in Miami, yachts, and private planes. He estimates that he has a fascinating 2.2 billion dollars in his account. He is also known to the public as the ex-husband of supermodel Elle McPherson.

Namely, their separation, according to foreign media, was caused by Tom’s selfishness. The athlete did not want to accept retirement, which was the main request of his wife in order to stay with him. Until that moment, the famous model was a great supporter in his career.

Gisele could not get over this decision, so a couple of months ago she demonstratively moved out of the shared house. Tom did not understand the seriousness of the situation, and Giselle did not allow her husband to put her in second place again.

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