Ana Ivanovic with her sons on the beach, Luka and Leon are not separated from their brother (photo) || Gloria


Ana Ivanovic recently, for the third time, she realized herself in the role of a mother.

She brought into the world healthy boy whose name she still doesn’t want to reveal, and judging by the latest photos, pregnancy almost didn’t affect her figure at all.


Namely, foreign paparazzi took pictures of the former tennis player in Palma de Mallorca yesterday while she was in the company of her sons and mother. Dragan enjoyed a sunny and warm day.

Except that they managed to take a picture the youngest member of the familythe photojournalists revealed to us what Ana looks like after the third birth.

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Ana Ivanovic’s appearance, judging by the photos, is commendable, and new mom feels great and endlessly enjoys the time he spends with the little ones.


After the walk, Ivanović went to her room the house which she renovated and adapted to her boys a few years ago, but after these shots of foreign paparazzi, many wondered if it wasn’t a little too early?



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