A TREATED ALCOHOLIAN PARADES WITH ALCOHOL: JLo doesn’t care about her husband’s problem, but “cries when he goes “wild” because he got drunk”

A TREATED ALCOHOLIAN PARADES WITH ALCOHOL: JLo doesn’t care about her husband’s problem, but “cries when he goes “wild” because he got drunk”
A TREATED ALCOHOLIAN PARADES WITH ALCOHOL: JLo doesn’t care about her husband’s problem, but “cries when he goes “wild” because he got drunk”

Jennifer Lopez has come under fire for not stopping to promote her new alcoholic drink.

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Jennifer Lopez she recently launched her own line of alcoholic beverages under the name Delola. These are low-calorie alcoholic cocktails of three types – amaro, vodka and tequila. However, from the moment she shared her new project with her fans, the critics only lined up for one reason – that her husband, actor Ben Affleck, is a treated alcoholic who, by his own admission, returned to rehab several times.

Given that the Latin diva has a cosmetics business and other projects besides music and film, many wondered if she really needed something like this. After all that, many people called her a hypocrite because for years she said she didn’t drink and was openly against alcohol. However, that all seems to have changed with the arrival of Affleck in her life.

In fact, in recent weeks, the rumors that the actor has returned to his old vice are louder than ever before, and they were triggered by several events.

So, at the promotion of her film, Jennifer allegedly took his drink and tried to see if it was alcohol by looking reproachfully at him, they even clashed several times in public.

After each outburst of Ben’s anger, Lopez tried to “iron out” things, and the highlight was their nervous discussion at the promotion of her new work “Mother” where they could not agree on where and how to pose for photographers.

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What people didn’t miss was Ben’s complexion, that is, the redness that is typical of those who have had problems with alcohol showed up even under the powder. Of course, these are only guesses of people and experts who have expressed their opinions, but not claims.

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Also, Ben is increasingly nervous in public, and recently he not only furiously slammed Jennifer’s door, annoyed by the attention of the paparazzi, although the singer is not guilty of anything, but then the couple was caught arguing in the car.

An eyewitness said that J.Lo was calm in the car the whole time and very nervous, and she allegedly “whined” at Affleck’s mother and asked her to help her with Ben.

Many believe that the key to Ben’s nervousness and “crisis” is due to alcohol, and they are seriously worried about him, and as proof of their claims, they pointed out that he behaved in the same way when he was seriously drinking with Aniston, and later, with his girlfriend Ana de Armas , that is, when she left him.

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In addition, Ben was much more cheerful and smiley at the beginning of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which is less and less the case now, or so it seems.

Because of all of the above, it is considered that Lopez’s worst move in life was to bring Ben into contact with alcohol, considering that “he is not strong enough to resist it”.

“He has not been straight for even a year, this is very dangerous for a treated alcoholic. I know because I myself have been in treatment and I know many of them. It is not here – we are not all the same. We are”is one of the comments that could be read, and the criticisms only continued to grow, especially now that the singer shared on Instagram the “impressions” of those who tried Delola.

“Wow. This is disappointing and the message is confusing”, “Why didn’t you create a soft drink brand since you have been outspoken about the negative effects of alcohol and you don’t drink yourself?”, “This seems so unbranded, I’m honestly wondering why you sell alcohol”, “Make a non-alcoholic drink”, “She doesn’t drink alcohol and this only shows what she is willing to do for more money”, “She only cares about making money, as if she has little”were some of the comments that followed.

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“You are married to a man who struggles with alcoholism and yet…”, “This is very disappointing since she doesn’t drink and is married to a recovering alcoholic,” “Her husband struggled with alcoholism and is currently in recovery , and she criticized those who drink for years, and now she promotes it?”people continued.

Lopez, as before, did not want to advertise about what people write on the networks. We can only hope that there is not so much truth in everything that has been circulating in recent weeks, that is, that Ben did not return to alcohol because his wife “paraded” him with samples of alcohol around the house.

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