The famous actor Josh Ekland died at the age of 95

The famous actor Josh Ekland died at the age of 95
The famous actor Josh Ekland died at the age of 95

He had a brilliant career that spanned more than six decades. Actor Josh Ekland he played more than 130 TV and film roles. He acted with famous colleagues Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery in “The hunt of the red October”, reports the Daily Mail.

The famous actor died at the age of 69: He lost his battle with PANCREAS CANCER

The actor died peacefully surrounded by his family, reports the PA agency. Josh Ekland starred in numerous films such as the famous “White Mischief”, TV audiences remember him for his role in “Shadowlands”, he also played in numerous theater plays, for example, he was Juan Peron in the play “Evita”.

Famous actor Josh EklandPhoto: Profimedia

He starred in the aforementioned “Hunt for Red October” and the TV version of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”.

“With his recognizable voice and commanding presence, Ekland brought a unique intensity and gravitas to his roles. He will be remembered as one of Britain’s most talented and beloved actors.

The actor was married for 51 years to his wife Rosemary, who died in 2001 from neurodegenerative disease. He left behind seven children, 34 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren, according to

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