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The division of the budget is underway, and this week’s leader, Marko Đedović, turned to reality show friend Milena Kačavenda. Đedović gave Milena a large budget, and then called her a minister, and explained their relationship in realty.

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Marko Đedović Elite 7

– Big budget Milena Kachavenda, minister, she and I agreed right here. I like her trait of defending her friends, she and I are similar in that, so if we sink, we sink. As far as Zvalava is concerned, I absolutely support you, you did everything to defend her, you were even disgusting to me, as if you were beating my brain as you were everywhere. I would not comment on people who change everything and everyone. People who are victims of fraud are the ones who create fake stories. I’m dying of laughter when I talk to you and Bukilić, three criminal charges can be filed for that – said Marco Cachavendi.


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