Selma Bajrami was married twice, the second husband beat her Entertainment


Singer Selma Bajrami revealed details from her private life

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The first marriage was with Zoran Vučković, with whom there are no children. The singer pointed out that they loved each other very much, but that the main obstacle to an ideal relationship was her mother-in-law.

His mother didn’t like me, because I’m a Muslim, and it never mattered to me, and it didn’t matter to him either. We loved each other, we divorced in love.His mother tried to bully me, but Zoran was always on my side, on our side, basically she could never influence him. I did not answer to my mother-in-law because I am first and foremost a singer. Only a showbiz man can be with me“, Selma told and added that a few years after the first divorce, she again said the fateful “yes” to Muja Music, with whom she also had a son.

“The man lied to me about his biography, and I was never interested in material things. I loved him, I was already pregnant, I was in the house non-stop, I gained abnormal weight, I had no friends, and then the problems started. Harassment, humiliation, told me I was ugly, forced me to go to Australia to work and earn money, so that we could have a life. He accidentally elbowed me once, that’s how it turned out, and I know he did it on purpose. He hit me in the arcade. Any man who raises his hand on a woman is not a man. He wanted to bring me down from his insecurity,” said Selma on Hype TV.



Selma Bajrami showed her extra pounds at the performance
Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

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