Two guys in tires are fighting

The whole world was shocked by a video that recently appeared on social networks.

Namely, it shows how two men, who have wrapped themselves in car tires, fight and fight until victory, using the tire to roll on the ground and thus escape from the opponent.

A girl from the region shared a video of these guys on Twitter with the comment:

– Men are really strange creatures.

This made many ladies laugh, and they wrote to her in the comments that men never grow up.

– Never grow up dear Amra, there is always a little child in us, but that is really sweet – was one of such comments.

photo: Printscreen

However, there were also those who recognized that it was a scene from the popular sci-fi movie, “Star Wars”, and tried to defend the two men, but it seems that the movie was not a good enough reason for the ladies to fool around like that, so what followed and sharp defense by the boys.

– At least we can have fun.


Bonus video:


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