A presenter who is losing his battle with lung cancer claims he was fired


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TV host Johnny Irwin has accused the producers of “A Place in the Sun” of firing him after he told them he had terminal cancer.

Irwin told The Sun that Freeform Productions “paid him for the rest of the season and didn’t renew his contract,” which “was really low.” Earlier this month, he revealed that his lung cancer had spread to his brain.

Irvine has been the host of A Place in the Sun since 2004, and has appeared on BBC One’s Escape to the Country since 2010. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and given six months to live, but did not publicly announce his diagnosis until recently.

“I was able to work on ‘Escape to the Country’ and travel for a few days. When they told me I couldn’t, I was heartbroken. Not working on the show took a toll on my mental health. Now I’m a family man man, but I like to host, travel and earn money for my family. They didn’t think of me,” said Irvin.

“After two weeks a new person took over the show. I think I deserved a little more respect after 18 years. It was my first television job after all,” the host added.

Freeform and Channel 4, where the show airs, said “no stone was left unturned” in finding a way for him to stay, but they couldn’t get insurance.

“Although we were unable to continue filming with him overseas, we are delighted that he was able to remain part of our team in the UK. We of course understand how frustrating this must be for him at this incredibly difficult time,” they said. are in the announcement.

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