THE LOVE STORY OF ANA AND BRIAN WALSH WAS A MOVIE: This is how the beautiful woman from Belgrade met her husband!

THE LOVE STORY OF ANA AND BRIAN WALSH WAS A MOVIE: This is how the beautiful woman from Belgrade met her husband!
THE LOVE STORY OF ANA AND BRIAN WALSH WAS A MOVIE: This is how the beautiful woman from Belgrade met her husband!

Anna and Brian Walsh met like a script from a romantic movie. They met quite by chance when she went to clean his apartment. That’s when their love story began. However, her mother Milanka Ljubičić claims that there is only one reason why there could be disagreements between her daughter and Brian.

Ana Walsh was born in Belgrade. Her maiden name was Ljubičić. She was ambitious and hardworking. She studied at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, she knew several languages. Through the student exchange program, she went to the United States in her first year of college. She went every year, and when she graduated from the Faculty of Philology, she moved to the USA.

– Ana was hardworking and did not shy away from any work. In the beginning, she also cleaned apartments, and on the recommendation of a friend, she went to clean a guy’s apartment. That guy was Brian Walsh. They met, fell in love and started dating – says Ana’s mother.


After several years of dating, Brian and Anna broke up and were not together for two years. Ana, hard-working, capable, ambitious and charismatic, started to deal with another job, and later became a real estate agent, where she performed well, and progressed.

She eventually became regional manager in Washington and deputy director.

Arrested for fake Andy Warhol paintings

In 2016, the husband of missing Anna, Brian Walsh, borrowed two Andy Warhol paintings from a friend, telling him he could sell them. He photographed the paintings and the certificate of authenticity and put them on eBay, and soon there was a buyer who paid as much as $80,000 for the paintings. However, when the paintings arrived, there was no certificate confirming the authenticity, and the very appearance of the canvas, which seemed “newer”, raised additional doubts. The case was reported to the authorities. The investigation was led by the FBI. The images were found to be in fact replicas. Brian was arrested in 2018 and pleaded guilty three years later.

– After a two-year break, Brian called her. They started seeing each other again and dating. It lasted for five years, and then, on December 21, 2015, they got married. They had three children, three sons. The oldest is six years old, the middle one is four years old, and the youngest was born on December 17, 2021 – says Ana’s mother.

However, Ana’s mother claims that her daughter complained to her that she would like her sons to spend more time with her. As she told her, “things around Brian took longer”.

– The only thing I can see as a possible reason for the fight is that she wanted the children to come to her in Washington, but Brian, since he was still in that court process and because he wears a nanoleg, did not allow the children to go… That’s the only thing I would I could mention as one of the possible reasons for disagreements. I can’t say anything else.

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