The process is just beginning, ZSO is a priority

The process is just beginning, ZSO is a priority
The process is just beginning, ZSO is a priority

Today was the day when we had to agree on the implementation plan, we reached some kind of agreement, and I am satisfied with that, said the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, after the meeting in Ohrid. He also said that he did not sign anything today.



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He also says that nothing is over tonight, but “just beginning”.

– Several points will become part of the agreement for both states, and for Belgrade and Pristina – he said.

He added that the European Council will make a decision to make it part of the negotiation framework.

As he added, the formation of the ZSO was set as a priority obligation.

– This is in accordance with previously reached agreements within the dialogue. I didn’t sign anything even today, I made it clear what the red lines were, but progress was made in a constructive atmosphere – said Vučić.

As he said, “tomorrow I will present every point to the citizens”.

– From Monday and Tuesday, I will be ready to receive representatives of parliamentary parties, to see if we can go to parliament with a document – said Vučić.

As he added, “I believe that the Pristina side will agree to start the process of forming the ZSO immediately”.

– I don’t want to interfere in Borelj’s and Kurti’s statements, but you will see every letter – said the President of Serbia.

He added that progress towards the EU will depend on everything that was negotiated today.

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