He does not plan to return to the apartment!

He does not plan to return to the apartment!
He does not plan to return to the apartment!

On Wednesday, May 3, the boy Kosta Kecmanović (13) committed a serious crime in the “Vladislav Ribnikar” elementary school in Vračar when he killed eight students and a security guard in the educational institution. The mother and sister of the mass murderer have not been in the family apartment of Kecmanović since then, and as Republika.rs has learned, they will not return there either.

As we wrote earlier, Kosta Kecmanović’s parents are distinguished Belgrade intellectuals, great experts in their fields. The father is a well-known doctor, specialist in radiology, and the mother is an assistant at the Faculty of Biology in Belgrade, where she does scientific work.

After the horror that Kosta created, father Vladimir Kecmanović is in custody, and mother Miljana Kecmanović and her younger child, a ten-year-old daughter, were taken care of by relatives outside Belgrade.

As the Republika.rs portal learns from the circle of Kecmanović’s acquaintances, Miljana is still in shock and mustering the strength to somehow take care of her younger daughter, who fell ill when she found out what her brother had done during the piano lesson.

– Kosta’s mother, although she is a strong woman, cannot come to her senses after her son’s crime. How shaken she is cannot be described in words – says an acquaintance of Kecmanović for our portal.

According to our interlocutor, Miljana has no plans to return to the apartment where they lived as a family. He is even thinking of selling it. In addition to the difficult memories that she would not want to return, she also worries about the safety of her daughter and herself.

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Kosta Kecmanović’s mother is in fear for her life

As we wrote earlier, Kosta Kecmanović was a very good student, and it was said that precisely because of this, children avoided and teased him.

The boy went to numerous competitions and scored A’s, and his wish was to study astrophysics.

Instead of realizing that wish, he made a fatal decision that ruined his life and future, but also forever blackened the families of the nine victims, eight students and the security guard of the “Vladislav Ribnikar” elementary school.

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