The prosecutor’s office in Smederevo is seeking custody for the mother and daughter suspected of murdering a relative


The higher public prosecutor’s office in Smederevo suggested to the court that MI (73) and her daughters AI (44) and BI (45) from Smederevo be detained for up to 30 days, on suspicion of murdering their cousin Vasa I. (73).



Photo: Zoran Ilić / Ringier

The house where the crime took place

All the suspects defended themselves by remaining silent during the hearing at the prosecutor’s office, Tanjug was told in that prosecutor’s office.

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HORROR IN SMEDEREVO A mother and two daughters brutally beat and strangled a relative to death due to a CONFLICT OVER THE DIVISION OF THE HOUSE


Photo: Zoran Ilić / Ringier


The Prosecution proposed that they be ordered into custody due to the existence of special circumstances that they will interfere with the proceedings by influencing the witnesses whose questioning is pending in the investigation, as well as considering the existence of circumstances that indicate public disturbance.

They are suspected of the criminal offense of murder in complicity.

The suspects are accused of hitting the victim several times on the head and body, choking him in the neck area, as a result of which he died due to the closing of the airways.


Photo: Zoran Ilić / Ringier


As a reminder, the police arrested MI (73) and her two daughters, BI (45) and AI (44) on suspicion of murdering VI (73), and the crime took place in Savska Street in Smederevo, in the house where a man and three women suspected of murder, shared.

Namely, MI was the widow of the murdered man’s brother, and according to the first findings, the motive for the crime was unresolved property and legal relations, that is, a conflict due to a succession dispute. It was known that something bad was going on before the murder, and even the police came today, but, unfortunately, they didn’t want to get involved in a family dispute that ended in murder.

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