The murder of the Serbian king of meat | Info

The murder of the Serbian king of meat | Info
The murder of the Serbian king of meat | Info

In the morning hours of October 1, 2012, Slobodan Marinković (62), better known as “Cerčil” or “Serbian King of Meat”, was killed in the village of Mramor near Niš.

The shocking murder shook the south of Serbia on October 1, 2012, when he was killed Slobodan Marinković (62) nicknamed “Churchil”, and was also known as “Serbian King of Meat”. He was killed in a slaughterhouse near his slaughterhouse.

The murder took place about 200 meters from the victim’s family home. Brothers Marko (31) and Ivica Dinić (40) are suspected of murder. from Niš. Marinković was the owner of the company “Dakom”.

Marinković Slobodan, the owner of the company Dakom, normally went to work at approximately the same time every day, in his own vehicle, alone. His son usually drove 10 minutes before him in another vehicle. Where he had to pass, the vehicle had to move slowly because the road is neither asphalted nor arranged, but the area that people use to come and do their trade. At the entrance to the livestock market, which normally operates on Thursdays, a Mercedes passenger vehicle was found and at the wheel was Slobodan Marinković aka Churchill, the owner of the company ‘Dakom’, which is located nearby, some 300, 400 meters from there, and he was dead. There were no eyewitnesses“, the police announced in the show “Dosije”.

The body of the murdered Marinković was discovered and found by his younger son. He was calling for his father who was dead in his car.

The younger son heard the shooting and immediately ran in that direction. He noticed that a gray vehicle was moving away from the direction of the cattle market at high speed. He saw his father’s vehicle and the body inside. The older son immediately pointed out to us the fact that he left for the company 10 minutes before his father. He said that when he was passing by the vehicle, since he also had to go there, he had to pass more slowly, that the face was suddenly hidden, that it moved towards the passenger’s side, that the face was wearing a cap, of larger build and that nothing he could not see more than that“, he said Major Mitrović in the show “Dosije”.

In the investigation, the police were disturbed by the statement of the older son. He claimed to have seen a gray Citroën Xanthi car with black side moldings.

It bothered us a little in the beginning because ‘xanthi’ is a very rare vehicle, ‘ksara’ is a very frequent vehicle and we were checking it. We showed him several models, several types of vehicles, but the boy really understood the type and type of vehicles“, added Major Mitrović.

At the time, there were also rumors that the murdered Marinković was involved in a legal dispute with the sons of the owner of the restaurant “Lion”. The police stated that he was leading a long-standing court case.

The Serbian king of meat was killed

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During the investigation, the police went to this restaurant. They found one of the co-owners in the office arranging papers, they even chatted. There was no indication that he had anything to do with the murder. In the course of their conversation, another brother came by who left the impression of a “sleeping man” on the police. They then informed them that the handover would not happen because the owner of “Dakom” was killed.

Discovered by accident?

However, forensics analyzed the traces, and Slobodan’s body was sent for an autopsy. The circle began to narrow. A video from one of the gas stations appeared. A distinctive vehicle was spotted, followed by another vehicle, also distinctive.

What bothered the police was that they never managed to find the vehicle. It happened quite by accident. Major Ljubinka Mitrović saw that car in a parking lot, what was especially shocking were the license plates, she had to check and then she realized: plates of other cars are affixed. Forensic experts immediately came to the field.

And then the results of the analyzes from the Faculty of Biology arrived. A trace of DNA from the shell was isolated and the sample can be used for comparison. The dice have rolled: the sons of the owner of “Lion” prepared and carried out this criminal act. The main evidence was there – the DNA matched.

In the High Court in Niš, Marko was sentenced to 20 years in prison for aggravated murder, and his brother Ivica, who helped him, to 10 years. Marinković was killed out of revenge because on the day of the murder, he was supposed to take over part of the “Lion” restaurant, owned by their father, who died ten days earlier.

Based on the list of phone calls, it was determined that the brothers called different people from September 18 to 22, 2012, with the intention of buying a vehicle to use to commit a murder. They bought a ‘citroen xara’ in Aleksinac. On the day of the murder, they put fake license plates and Marko headed in the direction of Mramor, while Ivica followed him in an ‘Audi’. They waited for the victim at the entrance to the Mramor livestock market. Marko shot him four times in the chest and abdomen“, it was stated in the explanation of the verdict.

After an appeal, the Court of Appeal changed the sentence from 20 to 30 years in prison. The brothers denied the crime all along. The gun was not found.

The murder of the Serbian meat king near Nis

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