A student was attacked by a maniac on the bus: “He clung to me”

A student was attacked by a maniac on the bus: “He clung to me”
A student was attacked by a maniac on the bus: “He clung to me”

A few days ago, a student had a very unpleasant experience in public transport in Belgrade, and as she shared on social networks, a man grabbed her on the bus!



Photo: Snezana Krstić / Ringier


She was accosted by an unknown man in a full bus, and she wrote about all this in the group “Students of Belgrade Universities – SBU”.

Dear women, consider this post as an appeal to be safe and wear tear gas. Dear men, consider this post as an appeal to protect your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and above all an appeal to treat women as human beings – this girl began her story.

As the girl stated, she experienced an unpleasant situation on the bus on line 31 around 4 pm.

Photo: Social networks

A maniac in Belgrade

– As we all know, 4 p.m. is the so-called rush hour and, accordingly, there are big traffic jams. In the aforementioned bus, next to me was a man who is, according to my free estimate, 40 years old. Like I said, I know it’s crowded, but he used it to his advantage by clinging to me and roughly rubbing his belt against me. When the bus stopped at the station, I moved and moved away, and he approached me again, trying to establish communication with me, even though I am visibly younger, by the way, and scared, then at the next stop, I managed to move to the other end of the bus – she wrote.

The girl wrote that she remembered that the man was 185 cm tall and that he got off at the “Šumice” station.

Users of social networks wrote that in those moments he should scream at the maniac.

– Unfortunately, there won’t always be someone from your family there to defend you, or someone on the bus who would help, you can’t tell if you don’t shout and the like. The best option is to learn self-defense – stated in one of the comments.

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