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This time, since it is the first offense of this type, we will not name a well-known person behind this pre-election procedure, to the detriment of the opposition parties. In general, it has been confirmed that he is a highly ranked member of the Serbian Progressive Party from Sombor, who, according to the information available to us, occupies an important place in the organizational structure of the SNS Sombor city board..

During last night’s organized action, at least two billboards of the opposition parties were torn down, causing damage of at least 500 euros. It would be fine if the ruling party reimburses that expense, apologizes to political opponents and picks up the garbage under the structures. The already mentioned, freshly pasted poster of the coalition list “Dr. Miloš Jovanović – Hope for Serbia” (Nova DSS and POKS) was removed at the intersection of Filip Kljajić and Ivan Goran Kovačić, and then the recently placed poster on Bezdanski put, with the holders of the National Gathering list – state-building force (Serbian party Zavetnici – Serbian movement Dveri).

The Serbian Progressive Party, as the most important political entity in the city and the country, is obliged to respect the rules and ensure equal conditions for all participants in the electoral process. The City Committee of SNS Sombor is obliged to inform its membership, since it has not been done so far, with (un)permissible actions in the campaign, and to prevent any further actions that could lead to unforeseeable consequences for our society..

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) must finally take responsibility and ensure respect for democratic processes. The offensive campaign against the leaders of the opposition parties, the removal and tearing of promotional materials, but also all other prohibitions that are currently in force, such as the blocking of local media that use money from the budget of the city of Sombor, must be stopped..

It would also be desirable if the City Administration of the city of Sombor dares and approves a public space for holding the ProGlas tribune, for which there is considerable interest from citizens.

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