Pirit festival: An opportunity to awaken the subcultural scene in Kosovska Mitrovica

Pirit festival: An opportunity to awaken the subcultural scene in Kosovska Mitrovica
Pirit festival: An opportunity to awaken the subcultural scene in Kosovska Mitrovica

This event, the first in a row, scheduled for the upcoming weekend, November 24 and 25, is actually a coming out of the shadow of long-standing political and security challenges and turmoil.

The idea of ​​the festival was born several years ago, but only now a group of eleven enthusiasts dared to implement it.

Their intention is not only to organize concerts, but also to create a space for socializing, having fun and affirming positive values.

“For decades, we have been hiding behind the situation (…)”, Savica Milović, PR of the festival, begins the conversation.

“I don’t think anyone is interested in the situation anymore, only love, good fun and good music,” adds Nikola Savić, frontman of the Mitrovica punk band “Škart” and one of the initiators of the Pirit Festival.

The Pirit festival, located in the “Mitrovica Rock School” club (Crimea), brings a musical mix of different genres, from punk, rock, pop, pop-art…

Ten bands, both local and visiting, will share the stage during this two-day event.

“Fabrik za ljubav”, “Omnibusi”, “Hosenfefer”, “Psychosonic Boris & Hosenfefer” and “Skart” will perform from the locals.

“From Mitrovica, we have selected bands that are active at the moment, and which are original. That’s how we started from the beginning – that they had to be original so that more original music would be listened to. That was our goal when we started this whole story,” Nikola reveals to us.

Guest bands come from Niš, Novi Sad, Knjaževac, Raška… They are “De sad?”, “Zhiva”, “Protectors”, “Jesus, Rashiid!?” and “School Bus”.

“Zhiva is a new face on the scene. She will be ours too the headliner for the first night. It’s interesting because it’s a mix of different directions,” Savica tells us.

When it came to choosing the bands, they agreed very easily.

“Mostly, it was to make sure that they were people with whom we played, who met us in a friendly way to come, purely to start that story.” Everyone suggested one band, we agreed, voted and then we chose. Local bands also came out to meet. Everyone supported us,” Nikola proudly points out.

The unfavorable political and security situation did not discourage visiting bands.

“They are longtime friends of local bands.” They are familiar with the situation. They know how things are. “They agreed to come without any problems,” says Savica.

“Basically, our whole goal is: Come on, more of that bad stuff. Let us spread love, socialize, listen to good quality music, because we have to live. Enough of everything. Let something positive happen”adds Nikola.

Kosovska Mitrovica bears the epithet of rocker town, but this scene has quieted down in the last period compared to previous years. This festival is an opportunity for awakening.

“Mitrovica has potential. We will see that after the festival for sure. It will be shown by the number of people who will come to the festival and the people who will support it. As for new bands, Rock School plays a big role. Most of the bands came from the Rock School, as well as Skart. We still have the band Cambria, they’re on a little break due to studies, but I expect them to come back, so basically every year we get a new band… That’s exactly why we’re making the festival, because we think we can bring that whole story back. Maybe not the way it was, maybe we can even make it better,” Nikola is optimistic.

Our city has many similar events and concerts behind it. These young enthusiasts had someone to learn from, so organizing a festival like this is not a big challenge for them.

“The team has many years of experience in organizing regular, and perhaps larger gigs. I don’t think there are any difficulties and fears, everything is ok. We’re really into it. Everyone covered a certain part – from digital marketing, to organizing the stage, bands… We are covered from all sides. I don’t think there are any fears or anything bad that can happen. For now, everything is ok”, Nikola is confident.

The only difficulty they have faced so far is that two bands have canceled in the meantime, but they found replacements very quickly.

Positive comments and audience interest are already noticeable, and ticket sales are going well, according to the organizers of the festival.

“People are already talking a lot about the festival. They are also interested in tickets and bands. From that point of view, I think it is completely positive. We will certainly have a huge response from people, not only from Mitrovica, the interest is huge”, they point out with satisfaction.

Tickets are currently on sale at a price of 500 dinars (day ticket) or a set in the amount of 900 dinars. The selling points are the Crimea Club and the Private Cultural Center “Aquarius”. Buying tickets is also possible during the festival, but the organizers emphasize that the number is limited.

All this, these enthusiasts mostly finance themselves, and they were helped by the NGO New Social Initiative (NSI), Mitrovica Rock School, PKC “Akvarijus”, “Cuba Cafe”, pancake house “Žimi ti”.

“We started without any sponsors. We entered the story to cover everything financially ourselves. Then this one appeared LTL Challenge organized by NSI, so we decided to take a step and try it. Fortunately, it passed, so it turned out great. And if we didn’t pass, we would definitely do it. It is mostly our initiative. We started everything, convinced that we could do it ourselves. Of course, any help is welcome, whoever wants to join, the door is open.”

We also asked them the inevitable question: Why Pyrite?

“We were looking for something characteristic for these spaces, for there to be a bright spot in this blackness,” says Savica.

These young people believe that the Pirit Festival will become a tradition and that it has the potential for growth and development.

“There is nothing similar here, maybe it wasn’t similar… It was Jazz and Blues, a totally different story and organization.” We had an example and from whom to see how it should and should not be done. It’s totally new, it’s totally different, it’s diverse. Of course, if this goes well, we want to expand and have gigs throughout the year. Our plan is to have two festivals – summer and winter. With the fact that the winter festival will always be at the Crimea Club and will include only concerts, while the summer festival will perhaps include film, music, performances, painting, drawing (…) We are looking at it becoming a kind of subcultural festival. That may be the ultimate goal of this entire festival,” Nikola announces.

Their message is clear – come and enjoy good music, socializing and spreading positive energy in Kosovska Mitrovica.

“I think that a lot of young people today, due to the environment in which we live and the music that is marketed at the national level, are not sufficiently familiar with these genres that will be marketed at the festival.” I would be glad if someone new came. That team here, ok, we have that, we know we have it, but there is also someone new. Let’s wake up the kids a bit,” says Savica.

“We’re really covered as far as directions go, I don’t know if we’ve left anything out.” There is everything. Whoever comes will have the opportunity to hear a variety of music and different directions. So this is an opportunity, maybe even an invitation for even new students of the Rock School, maybe one day they too will create their own band and go some way (…) Everyone is welcome to the festival. “Whoever is interested in music and entertainment and who wants to come and listen, absolutely has the right and can come without any problems,” underlines Nikola.

It remains for us to finish this text with the words: Be part of this positive storywith the inevitable after party and possibly waiting in line for burek…

A more detailed program and timetable will be published on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the festival.

The article is in Serbian

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