Brnaby announced: Everyone responded except Mitrovi, who has 48 workers in his network

Brnaby announced: Everyone responded except Mitrovi, who has 48 workers in his network
Brnaby announced: Everyone responded except Mitrovi, who has 48 workers in his network

The President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabi, thanked the workers of Pota Serbia who work in difficult circumstances and suffer insults from a smaller number of other workers.

Source: B92 Tuesday, 21.11.2023. | 10:51


As you say, those workers are in an extremely small number of employees on the road and are engaged in politics.

She was a guest on the morning program of Happy television and pointed out that she never threatened the porters by name, and that everyone forgot that eljko Veselinovi, the president of the Sloga union that leads the protests in Pota, threatened her with public rape in the Cooperative on Pink television.

“The trade unions said at the meeting last week that the material situation is poor and that they need support.” We did the analysis and saw that people are right, that they are
their average wages are lower than the average wages of other public companies. We invited them for an interview, as well as all other employees of the company or other activities. Yes me
they call in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night, I’m here to talk. Saturday two in the afternoon, Sunday morning, it doesn’t matter. All those people, porters, farmers, have my number
mobile phone and I am always available for them. That mantra and that way of working was instilled in us by President Aleksandar Vui, because we are the government for the people and we are here for it
people. I think it’s a completely new system compared to how it used to be. Yesterday, the farmers sent me a message at 10 to 11 in the morning, and I am right away
she replied, we agreed to meet today. Therefore, the polluters block the roads, but they have direct contact with the Prime Minister.” , said Barnaby.

She underlined that the talks with the trade unions were not easy, but she thanked them for their constructiveness and understanding, and again denied the allegations that she threatened

“On the contrary, yesterday the Government adopted a decision on the payment of 20,000 dinars to the workers of the Road of Serbia, I talked with the workers about how to ensure that no one is robbed and that all those who work receive this assistance. That’s why I would threaten anyone, I don’t understand? Me with police officer Stefan Mitrovie, who stated that I threatened someone. I never even talked. In fact, he is a member of the Sloga trade union, the ILAS trade union, which is on the list of Serbia against violence. And how they fight against violence is best said by the president of the Sloga trade union, Eljko Veselinovi, who threatened me with public rape in the Cooperative, so much for that. I repeat, I didn’t threaten anyone, but I asked the workers how to interrogate all their colleagues and that no one gets kidnapped. I immediately denied it yesterday, but the Sloga trade union announced through Olak’s media that they were refuting my “threats”. Of course, no one reported my denial, but that is the established one
mantra”, stated the Prime Minister.

“it’s about farmers, I just asked that farmers come to the talks, not politicians. Of the three associations that are on the roads, the presidents of two associations are the presidents of the city committees of the Moramo coalition and the Democratic Party. So, I’m always ready to talk, but not with farmers or politicians.”

Marinika Tepi came out and accidentally revealed the nature of the national ilas

Brnabi pointed out that all the masks in the pre-election campaign have already fallen and that the citizens of Serbia now have a clear choice before December 17. “Marinika Tepi, Dragan Ilas’s wingman, who in 2016 proposed a resolution on Srebrenica, declaring Serbia a genocidal state and the Serbs a genocidal people, now says that she sincerely respects the Covenanters. So now Ilas, Marinika and the Covenanters are together. Together, they are the opposition to Alexander Vuy. They beat each other as the national opposition. Are going
separately for the elections, in order to deceive the citizens and collect as many votes as possible. I already praise their honesty, and they say I’m jealous, quite the opposite. I thanked them for their honesty, that people can now openly, without any masks, know that a vote for Serbia against violence is actually a vote for Dveri and Zavetnik. And that there is a voice
for the national opposition is actually a vote for Dragan Ilas”, said the Prime Minister.

As the Prime Minister stated, the only goal of the opposition is to come to power, without any principles, ideology and political program. “For a little power, they would sell Kosovo and
Metohija, they would declare Serbia a genocidal state, they would impose sanctions on Russia the next day, just remember the statements made the day after the elections in Belgrade last year.
Everyone would unite against Alexander Wu, without any ideology – left, right, uta, Muta, Moramo, Hoemo, Neemo…. All of them together said that the first thing that
will do – the introduction of sanctions against Russia. Zavetnici and Dveri answer to that – we travel to you. That’s all citizens need to know about the upcoming elections. I call it
ilas’s national opposition – all those who are against Alexander Wu, regardless of ideology. Their only goal is for Dragan ilas to return to power, and for Dragan
easy to regain the monopoly over telecommunications in Serbia, the way it was before 2012. The Telekom workers then actually worked for SBB, and that’s what they will all tell you if
you ask them. That’s how the empire was born. They are helping Ilas to return to power, so that he can continue to increase his wealth of 619 million euros”, Brnaby concluded.

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